Blue anemone flower oil; It is obtained from a plant with eye -catching blue color, sensitive flowers. Distillation method is applied.
This oil is fragrant and has valuable effects on the skin.
It contains 103 different active ingredients, including volatile Linalool and phenyl ethanol. The use of this special oil on the skin for aesthetic purposes dates back years.
Blue anemone oil, which is not limited to the skin, is also used as massage oil to get rid of muscle and joint pain.
Oil with antispasmodic effects also helps prevent spasms and accelerate blood circulation. nler/ Blue anemone oil What are the benefits of skin? The effect of accelerating blood circulation helps the skin to look more beautiful and young.
It allows the fine lines to open and helps the skin look younger and healthier.
This oil is often suitable for the use of both mature skin and young skin -prone young skin.

How to use blue anemone oil on the skin? The fact that oil is a quality fat is very important in skin applications. Allergic skin should be tested by applying to a small area in the wrist before use.
Anemone flower oil, which can be applied directly to the face and low -cut region, is sufficient to use a small amount.
The application should be done on a clean skin, if possible in the evening.
After application to the entire face with a clean cotton, a slight burning sensation on the skin is considered normal.
However, if this feeling is too much, the skin should be cleaned immediately.

Blue Anemone Oil is around the eye and is applied under the eye? This special, fragrant oil is among the eye area and detained oils.
It is especially effective in getting rid of bruises that cause tired appearance under the eye on the goose feet around the eyes.
Oil can be used slightly and politely around the eyes and under the eyes while applying all skin application.
A regular and stable application is recommended for the best result.

How to apply blue anemone oil to hair? The use of blue anemone oil is not limited to the skin. Oil can also be included in hair care routines.
Oil, which slows hair loss and promotes the emergence of new hair, is usually used by adding daily shampoo. ne-zaman-ekilir/ You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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