Wild yam (yams) root or wild yam root; It is a widely grown plant in North and Central America. Mexico is also known as Yam root.
It is different from the Yam vegetable that grows on the African continent and made of potatoes.
The root parts of the green leafy and flowering plant are used in the treatment of many diseases in traditional medicine. It is known that this use extends from today to 18th century.
Latin name: Dioscorea Villosa L.
The YAM plant is most commonly preferred for stomach complaints, cough and menstrual cramps and menopause.
The widespread use of YAM root is externally applied to the skin. For this, a cream is prepared with the root.
The cream is often used to relieve joint pain, menstrual painter. It is also used in the skin. It is usually applied directly to the skin once or twice a day to reduce the appearance of dark stain on the skin and prevent wrinkles.
A cream used for menopause and menstrual complaints is usually applied to the abdomen to reduce complaints. The cream should not be applied to the vaginal area.
Scientific data supporting allegations that this cream alleviates menopause complaints is insufficient. However, it is also supported by scientific people that it may be effective in reducing arthritis pain.
What are the benefits of YAMS root? Evidence of their roots are insufficient. These possible benefits are only a claim.
PMS, low sexual impulse, infertility and weakened bones;
Hot flashes due to menopause, sleep problems, night sweats;
Pain, swelling and hardness in the arthritis -related joints;
General Skin Health, Forming, Skin Stains (Hyperpigmentation)
What are the wild yam root damages? What are the side effects? This root is considered safe for use up to 3 months when taken orally. It is not considered safe for longer and higher dose purchases.
Possible side effects of overdose intake include stomach complaints, vomiting and ligament pain.
The skin applications of creams prepared with roots are still considered safe.
Wild Yam may have the same effects as estrogen. Together with estrogen pills, wild yam can reduce the effects of estrogen pills. Therefore, it is recommended not to be used together.
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