Hyaluronic acid is one of the latest favorites of beauty trends. So what exactly? What should be considered when using? Is it suitable for all skin types? How is it applied at home?
Let’s take a look at the answers of these questions and much more!
What is Hyaluronic Acid? What does it do? It is a substance that has a super moisturizing properties and fights a fine line formation. This substance is widely used in skin care routines and skin products. It is also available in the natural structure of the skin.
It has a unique capacity in connecting and keeping water molecules on the skin. Hyaluronic acid is also accepted as an anti -aging skin care product, as the moisture loss in the skin is directly related to skin aging.
This moisture bomb works mainly by drawing the moisture – even the moisture in the air. It holds and nourishes the moisture it draws on the skin. In this way, it makes the skin more vivid, bright and full.
Hyaluronic acid is most commonly used as serum. In addition to serums, skin can be preferred in toner, hundred misti and powder form.

What are the benefits of hyaluronic acid serum? Moisturizes the skin deeply,
Minimizes the appearance of fine lines,
It shows the skin more vivid and fuller,
Holds the collagen on the skin on the skin.

When is hyaluronic acid used? First of all, it should be noted that hyaluronicasitis is a moisturizer suitable for all skin types.
Suitable for even use of sensitive skin.
There is no need for serious problems to start the use of this moisturizer. When you feel your skin only dehydrated, dry, pale; When your skin starts to lose its elasticity, the serum can be used when there are mild shedding.
It can even be used regularly if you live in dry climates.

What to pay attention to when using hyaluronic acid? There are a few important points to consider in practice.
First of all, serum should be applied to a clean and gently moist skin. It is best to use lavender, haayt, sage, flower or rose hydrosol (water-hydrolat) for the pre-moisturizing of the skin.
Immediately after the application of hyaluronic acid serum, a moisturizer and sunscreen should be applied to the skin again.
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The tip serum should never be applied to dry skin. Hydrosols can be used to moisturize the skin, but if there is no such hydrosol, hyaluronicasitis should be performed after skin moisturizing with water.
Serum applications can be done once or twice a day.

Hyaluronic acid in which foods are found? Hyaluronic Acid content high foods and some foods that help increase the production of Hyaluronic Acid can be listed as follows:
Bone water
Soy and soy products (soybean beans, soybean flour, soybean ground beef, soybean cheese, soy milk, soybean cheese, Tempe)
Starch root vegetables (potatoes, carrots, turnip, sweet potato, ground apple)
Nareciyes (Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit
Green leafy vegetables (spinach, castle, micro sprouts)
Nuts (Brazil walnut, cashew, pumpkin seeds, almonds, etc.)
Seed Foods (Flax Seed, Chia Seed, etc.)
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