Yerba Mate is a kind of drink specific to South American countries. It is frequently served warmly.
It is also known as Paraguay Stream in our country.
The green leaves of the plant named tox paraguayensis are used for making mate tea.
This herbal tea, which can be very effective for non -accustomed bodies, is very common in Argentina.
Yerba Mate tea is prepared with hot water in specially designed containers and served in the Yerba Mate Cup. These cups are also called Mate.
Yerba Mate is hot – warm. It is consumed with a kind of reed with filter. These special reeds are also called Bombill. These reeds are of course metal, not plastic.
Mate tea; Generally, it can be prepared with the help of a simple French Press in cases where there is no special equipment and a certain ritual.
To prepare the mate tea with French Press, it is sufficient to add 1 teaspoon of warm water as a cup of warm water on Yerba Mate.
It is known that the plant specific to these remote lands has found its place in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industry.
What are the benefits of Yerba Mate tea? The fat burning and the energizing effects of Mate tea on the body are interesting. The plant with very high antioxidant value; It is known that it reduces the feeling of hunger, increases sexual desire and supports long -term focus.
In addition, edema is a thrower.
Increases body resistance.
Slows the effects of aging on the skin.
Mate leaves contain caffeine as a great alternative to coffee.

What are Mate tea damages? It has a sleeping effect. Therefore, consumption of this tea is not recommended before bedtime.
It may disturb the stomach in excessive consumption. It may disrupt the stomach’s unique acid balance.
It can cause heart palpitations, frustration or tension.

How many glasses of Yerba Mate Tea should drink a day? Mate tea consumption as much as 1 tea cup per day is seen as an ideal ratio.

Mate tea has the effect of sexuality mate tea, sexual desire and desire.
It is the support of the fight against impotence in men.
Energy gives, has a stimulating effect.
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