Cress seed cure; It is a cure that is applied to accelerate metabolism, support weakening and release toxic substances accumulated in the body.
Cress seeds have a mobilizing, mobility effect of metabolism.
It is of great importance that the seeds you will use for cress seed cure do not come into contact with the agricultural medicine and that it is completely natural.
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Cress seeds are also offered for sale in the capsule. These products are usually mixed products whose content is not fully known. Instead of these products, it may be better to choose cress seeds in its simplest form.
Cress seeds are tiny orange grains. The tastes are very bitter and obviously flavored. But these flavored grains carry great healing in their structure.
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How to Make Cress Seed Paste?
Cress seed is usually mixed with honey and brought to the consistency of paste and used in this way.
It is suitable for consumption of paste with 1 teaspoon of cress seeds on a daily basis.
In order to obtain the highest yield from this paste, consumption of an hungry stomach is recommended.
Passing and disintegration of cress seeds with honey before mixing with honey will increase the absorption of the spice grinder.
Honey Cress Macun’s daily basis; It should be prepared by mixing with quality, unadulterated, raw honey.
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