Seasonal allergy is a common complaint triggered by pollen, trees, grass, animal feathers and other compounds in the air.
In which months of seasonal allergy? It is also known as spring allergy or pollen allergy. And usually complaints increase in spring and autumn.

What are the symptoms of spring allergy? Nasal discharge
Stuffy nose
Eyes of itchy and juicy
Sinking in the eyes
Eye dryness
Throat irritation
Discharge on the Bosphorus
Frequent sneezing
Fatigue and exhaustion
Headache is among the most common complaints.

What should be done for seasonal allergy? You should consult your doctor for allergic complaints. If he sees appropriate, your doctor will prescribe a number of antihistaminic drugs.
It is also possible to take some simple measures that may support the diagnosis and treatment of your doctor.
These measures will relieve you and alleviate your complaints to a little bit.

Nose washing container Net Pot
This small device helps to reduce the amount of allergens that the body should deal with and to alleviate irritation.
Net Pot helps to clean the sinuses in a simple way.
Instead of Pot Pot, the interior of the nostrils can be washed by simply preparing a mixture of water salt.
The positive effect of the use of nasal washing containers and washing with salt water is also supported by scientific research.
Studies reveal that these simple applications facilitate both breathing and healthy sleep.
Is spring allergy herbal treatment possible? Although plants alone are a treatment, natural and healing plants can help you relieve you.
Some natural plants can help alleviate allergic complaints.

Nettle for seasonal allergy
[Button Link = “” “Color =” Green “Newwindow =” Yes “] Nettle [/Button] is one of the richest wild plants in terms of minerals It provides support for complaints caused by the lack of grass.
Nettle is one of the best support for seasonal allergies.
Supports kidney functions. Moreover, it provides natural anti -histamine production of the liver.
The easiest way to benefit from the effects of nettle on seasonal allergy is to prepare herbal tea with fresh or dried nettle.
Nettle infusion
To obtain a stronger tea, ie nettle infusion, add enough water to pass on the dried nettle of 1 tea cup.
Leave this mixture for 4-6 hours. And then strain.
You don’t have to drink all infusion at once. Just take a few sips from time to time. seasonal allergy in adults.
[Button Link = “ It can help you simple but effectively.
You can consume peppers in traditionally meals or next to meals.
Or you can have a stronger effect by brewing 1-2 dried red bitter pepper as herbal tea.
Don’t forget to sweeten your tea with plenty of lemon and raw honey.
For seasonal allergies, quercetin
[Button Link = “” Color = “Purple” Newwindow = “Yes”] It is also among the substances that support the body’s secretion of antihistamine.
This special substance named Quercetin can be taken into the body through the food we eat.
Apple, parsley, tomatoes, broccoli, lettuce, karalahana, broccoli, blueberry, wildberries… Quercetin are the sources we can get.
Black elderberry fruit, onion and pineapple stand out with the content of high quercetin and all other foods. neden-cig-olarak-yenmez/ What is good for seasonal allergy? Steam bath
Vapor’s inhalation helps to thin the mucus. This relieves breathing channels and allows you to breathe more easily.
The easiest method for the steam bath is to pour the boiled water into a bowl and to breathe the vapor by knitting you with a towel to track the steam.
A pinch of dry mint, dry rosemary or dry thyme to water will be relaxing.
Butterbur cough grass
Latin name: Petasites Hybridus
This perhaps the first thesis that the plant is used in the treatment of upper respiratory infections since centuries ago.
There are numerous studies from overseas that investigate the positive effects on seasonal allergies.
What is butterbur? It is a plant of chamomile family. It is a proven plant with relaxing effects in seasonal transitions.
However, the plant has properties that can cause liver damage.
For this reason, consumption in dose capsule form is recommended only in a controlled manner.
Be sure to consult your doctor before you start using these supplements.
This article is not recommended. It is only to give information.
Consult your doctor for all your health complaints.
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