Trans fat is now considered to be directly related to serious health problems.
Trans fats are mainly formed artificially by converting oil into fat.
Margarine trans fat?
Margarines are the most typical transiber representation that comes to mind. Margarines are herbal -based trans fats offered to the market as an alternative to butter.
Is Sunflower Oil Trans fat? Any oil can be converted to trans fat as a result of a number of chemical processes.
The most commonly played with genetics, vegetable -based oils are used in this process.
Animal foods such as butter, cheese and meat also contain a certain amount of transnage. However, these oils are in a natural form. They are not obtained as a result of an artificial process. They are low doses and separate from industrial trans fats.
Sunflower oil, soybean oil, corn extract or cotton oil can be used to obtain transnage.
This process, which is completed with a solid form of herbal -based oil oils, is called hydrogenation.
Extends the shelf life of the processed and packaged foods where the transparent obtained is added. It improves the texture, consistency and even taste of these products, and in this way becomes more attractive to customers.
Instead of animal -based oils such as butter, trans fats are preferred by manufacturers. This is due to the fact that these trans fats used compared to butter are a much cheaper component.
However, trans fats are associated with very serious health problems by world health authorities.
Moreover, some European countries, such as Denmark, have completely prohibited the use of such fats due to the threat of causing health problems.
What is trans fat damage? It seriously threatens cardiovascular health.
It causes sudden fluctuations in blood sugar. There are studies that reveal that it is also related to Type 2 diabetes.
Allergic complaints can be triggered.
It raises bad cholesterol. And it reduces good cholesterol.
There are easy studies that are related to Alzheimer’s disease and depression.
It is known to increase the risk of prostate cancer and breast cancer.

Where is Trans fat? It is possible to come across trans fats in a wide variety of packaged food content.
It is most widely used in junk food, easy snacks.
Chips, ready -made soup mixtures, ready -made pastas, ready -made sauces, frozen pizzas, hamburgers, ice creams and other ready -made milk desserts are product groups where trans fats are widely used.
It may not always be possible to see the phrase “trans fat” in the content information of these products. The reason for this is that trans fat in general gives customers a bad impression.
Instead of hydrogenized fat trans fat, expressions such as “partially hydrogen vegetable oil” or “hydrogenized vegetable oil” can be used in the product label. These expressions are expressions that strictly indicate that the product contains trans fat.
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