Mulberry leaf and mulberry fruit contains vitamins, mineral and strong plant compounds is a delicious and healthy food.
The use of leaves in traditional medicine dates back centuries ago.
Let’s examine these delicious leaves of vitamin C, zinc, calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium more closely.
What are the benefits of mulberry leaves? It can help reduce blood sugar, cholesterol and inflammation in the body.
Support can be used as a product in the fight against diabetes.
Supports heart health. It can reduce cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It can be brewed together with wild hawthorn leaves for heart health.
It contains numerous anti -inflammatory compounds, including favorite antioxidants. These components help to remove inflammation in the body.
There are various scientific studies to coke that it can show anticancer activity against cervical and liver cancer cells.
There are studies that reveal that it can protect liver cells and reduce liver inflammation.
It has been demonstrated by studies that it can prevent dark skin blemishes and naturally equalize skin tone.
It is known that it is preferred with its antipyretic effect in traditional practices.

Does white mulberry leaves weaken tea? According to the mouse experiments, the leaves can increase fat burning and support weight loss. For the weakening effect, it is usually consumed as much as 1 tea cup before meals.

Is the mulberry leaf good for the wound? After the leaves are turned into porridge, there is also an external use. In particular, it is used to accelerate wound healing.

The benefits of mulberry leaf to eczema external porridge applications are also used for eczema complaint.
Eczema -related rash, itching, redness can be alleviated.

What are the damages of the mulberry leaf? Leaves can cause side effects in some people.
Especially when the leaves are taken in reinforcement form, some people have complained about diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, bloating and constipation.
People who use drugs for diabetes must consult to the physician before using the leaves in a built -in to prevent interactions.
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When is the mulberry leaf collected? When is it dried? Mulberry leaves can be collected and dried at the beginning of the summer. Gathering during May, June, July and August.

How to dried? The leaves will dry in the shade in a short time. During drying, the leaves should be spread over a wide area.
Drying directly under the sun causes vitamin and color loss.

How to store mulberry leaves? You need to make a direct sun, you need to do a place.
The leaves can be stored in whole state or by passing through the robot and making dust.
There is no need to store in the refrigerator.
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How to use mulberry leaf? Leaves are usually brewed as herbal tea. Tincture is prepared for a stronger effect.
After drying the leaves, mulberry leaf powder can be prepared by passing through the kitchen processor. The use of leaves that are powdered will be more practical.
To prepare the mulberry leaf with the most delicious method of consuming the leaves of the mulberry.

Mulberry leaf wrapping with mulberry with mulberry, traditional grape leaf wrap recipe can be applied exactly.
Usually a slightly sour flavor is obtained. Additional natural pomegranate sour is used.
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