Carnitine is an important amino acid for our body. It plays an important role in accelerating the body’s metabolism.
Increases cellular energy and strengthens the mitochondrial function.
Carnitin; Fat burning is also a favorite of athletes with the effects of muscle fatigue.
A large part of L-carnitis is stored in muscle cells in our body. This ratio is about 98 %. The remaining small 2 %is used in the blood and liver.
L-carnitine is an amino acid that our body can produce by itself. People who maintain a weak diet in terms of animal nutrients are usually lacking and it may be needed to be taken from outside reinforcements.
Some genetic factors can also prevent the production of carnitine spontaneously in the body. In such cases, food supplements may be needed in the form of l -carnitine.
Does l-carnit weaken? Carnitine works by transporting fatty acids from food to mitochondria in the body and converted into energy.
This allows the structure to burn during exercise and sports.
Moreover, it reduces muscle damage and muscle fatigue.
It is also eliminating the possible feeling of weakness during the diet.
In other words, it has a positive contribution to the fat burning and slimming of carnitine, although not directly.

What are the benefits of L-Carnitine? Increases durability. Conditions that result in muscle damage are also accelerating healing.
It has a performance -enhancing effect for athletes. It helps to cope more easily with challenging training. It also contributes to muscle gain.
It has a positive effect not only on the body but also on brain functions. Facilitates focus.
It has the effect of slowing the aging effects of the carnitine, which is also mentioned with its effects on body health at cellular level.

Is L-Carnitine used without sports? When to drink carnitine? Carnitin can be taken from any time of the day. If you are doing regular sports, the ideal time is about 20 minutes before starting the sport. The effects of up to 40 minutes of receipt reach the peak point.
L -Carnitin can be used just before sleep. It has no effect that makes it difficult to switch to sleep. But the ideal time is the early hours of the day in the morning.
It can also be used when sports is not done. It does not have a stimulating feature. It does not contain caffeine.

Carnitin-containing foods contain some L-carnitine in poultry, cereals, fish and even green vegetables. However, the red meat by far the nutrient group with the highest carnitine content.
In red meat, there is a correlation between the color of the meat and the amount of carnitine. The color of the meat is red, the higher the amount of L-Carnitis it contains.
Beef, full -fat milk, cod fish is rich in carnival.
Among the green vegetables, vegetables with the highest level of carnitine are asparagus.
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