Sweetgum oil is obtained from the daily tree, which is an endemic and precious tree that grows in some regions of Muğla such as Köyceğiz, Dalaman, Marmaris and Fethiye. Some of the Log trees in the region are over 300 years old. Daily oil has been used as a traditional treatment method for hundreds of years. It is also called by the name of daily oil.Buy Now!

What Does Sweetgum Oil Do? What are the Benefits?

Daily tree oil is often used in stomach ailments such as gastritis, reflux and ulcers.


To support the treatment of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids),
Getting rid of scabies and fungus
In the treatment of blackheads and acne on the skin,
In upper tract diseases,
It is used in wounds, surgical scars and burns.
Benefits of Daily Oil for Skin

Known as Cleopatra’s secret of beauty, daily oil provides you with a baby-like skin. Daily tree oil is used in the products of world-famous beauty product companies.

One of the easiest and most economical ways to have a younger, healthier and more vibrant looking skin is to use sila oil in skin care.

Daily Oil;

⦁ Reduces acne, helps you get rid of acne in a very short time.
⦁ Prevents wrinkles and tightens the skin.
⦁  It is antibacterial and provides hygiene.
⦁ Minimizes open and prominent pores.
⦁ Slows down signs of aging such as sagging.
⦁ Helps wound healing, repairs dry and cracked skin.
⦁ It provides the oil balance of oily or dry skin..
⦁ It is illuminating, it helps to lighten the tone of the dark spots on the skin and make them disappear.
⦁ It is effective on cracks in the body.
⦁ Reduces eczema.

How to Use Daily Oil?

It is milky brown, dense and very sticky. It does not have a sugary taste. It has a harsh aroma that burns the throat. Therefore, it is recommended to be mixed with honey. It is recommended to use frankincense oil on an empty stomach. It is ideal to consume 1 teaspoon of frankincense oil daily, 1 hour before meals.

It is recommended to use it for at least 15 days without a break. When the comments of those who use sweetgum oil are examined, it is seen that the highest efficiency is obtained in this way.

There are no known side effects of frankincense oil. Contains no additives or preservatives.

Daily oil is not a medicine.

How to Store Sweetgum Oil?

This oil, which is obtained from the log tree, can be stored in a closed, non-humid, dark place at room temperature. It is not an oil that should be stored in the refrigerator.

Sweetgum oil, which is not an easily spoiled oil, undergoes significant changes in its color and consistency depending on the temperature and the humidity in the environment. These changes do not have a negative effect on the quality of the oil.

Oil that becomes dull and solid in cold weather; With the heat, it becomes shiny and fluid.

It is difficult to use oil that is exposed to extreme cold, especially in skin care. If your oil hardens due to cold, it is wise to warm it up a little in a bowl of hot water to soften its consistency.

How Is Sweetgum Oil Used?

This special oil is a pure oil suitable for external and internal use. It is often used externally for the skin. It is used internally to support stomach and intestinal disorders.

How to Use Sweetgum Oil for Reflux?

For stomach ailments such as stomach and reflux, it is usually consumed as a teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach.

In skin applications, it is necessary to apply a very small amount. Because the oil is quite dense.