Mushroom Mushroom; Small size; Coffee is a special and delicious mushroom in cream colors.
The pleasant smell of this mushroom makes itself mentioned. This smell resembles bitter almonds.
It is one of the most delicious wild mushrooms known.
When will the Cincile mushroom come out? In which month? Cinjile usually the season is quite short.
The lamb belly gathered at the time after the season.
April May are the most widely months when you can come across this species.
We were difficult to collect, it would be well camouflaged. It is also quite small in size. This makes it difficult to discover and gather.
It grows in groups in gardens in open lands. Between the grass, it may be possible to come across a group of jaws right next to a log.
You can even come across this genre in your garden.
It often tends to grow at the same point every year.

Where does the Mıhbaşı mushroom grow? In our country, the most widely recognized and gathered in our Western Black Sea provinces. Kastamonu is sold in Bolu markets.
Cincile mushrooms are also known as Mihbasi, Drawing, Cincele.
Very robust, thin, elastic and hardly separated from the hat.
Since these stalk parts are flavored, they are usually discarded. Or it is separated from the mushroom to be surrounded by the right method.
It is difficult to tear the handle by hand, and it can lead to disintegration of the hat as it tries to remove it by pulling it.
This stalk is one of the distinctive features of the fungus.
Another distinctive part is the hat. The top of the hat part is dislocated in the form of a human breast.
However, if the mushrooms rarely are too small and young, this may not be this breast -shaped structure.

The first thing to do is to extract the stems of the mushrooms before the recipe recipe.
Unlike the hat parts, the handle parts are flavored and moreover.
Cutting the stems by hanging is not a good idea. This may cause the mushroom to break down.
The stems can be cut, but this may mean that some handle remains on the hat.
The best method is to remove stems by turning.
Since it is a wild species, it is often no need to wash mushrooms that do not carry the risk of pesticide.
Washing can cause loss of flavor.
Mushrooms can be cleaned with the help of a brush instead of washing.
Condole mushrooms can be easily dried, pickles can be prepared or stored in the freezer.
Freshly, mushrooms can be consumed with a wide variety of recipes.
It is wise to choose the simple ones in the recipes you will prepare with this mushroom.
The unique smell and flavor of the mushroom may not show itself enough in mixed recipes.
Simply sautéing in olive oil, preparing the soup, stirring in pie mortar, serving sautéed mushrooms with pasta is the first simple and delicious recipes that come to mind. neler/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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