Calf black grass; Venus hair grass is a plant in the genus of fern. This renewable plant is frequently used for heavy menstruation periods with bronchitis, cough, whooping cough and cramps in traditional medicine.
Latin name: Adianthum Capillus veneneris
It is also known to be used for chest blockage.
The calf used often used in internal land; It can also be applied externally to hair and skin.
External applying is usually on hair. Hair loss is preferred for hair whitening.
The plant, which is frequently mixed with ginkgo biloba, is a completely different species.
Venus hair is among the wild plants that grow spontaneously in our country. It is seen in almost every region. Ginkgo Biloba is not a plant species that grows in our country. nesir/ How to use the calf land? It is usually consumed by brewing tea.
In external applications, after brewing like tea again, it is completely cooled and applied to the desired area.
This water obtained in hair applications can be increased by mixing with sweet almond oil.
Calf water in cold form is also used for mouthwater gargle.

When is the harvest? For the highest efficiency, mature leaves of the plant can be harvested during the summer in June – August.

Venus Hair Plant Care Calf black seed, small heart -shaped leaves and sirin, delicate white flowers decorate the houses as an ornamental plant.
The care of the plant that loves shadow and moist environments is not too difficult.
It is good for the plant that does not like direct sunlight with the leaves of the plant often soaked with fisfis and to remain moist.
It should not be done very often and too much with root irrigation. However, the soil should not be left dry.
When making positioning for the plant that is poorly affected by cigarette smoke and hot food vapor, kitchens and smoking environments are often the wrong choice.
The most ideal heat for plant that is not resistant to minus degrees in heat is the room temperature. The plant survives smoothly at temperatures between +10 and +25 degrees.
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