Houdan grass is also known as Zembil Blossom, Cower, Ispıt, Bodan, Creek beet and commonly beef. The Latin name is borago officinalis. WHERE DO HOSPITAL HEAD GROW? The hump grows in areas where the Black Sea climate is dominant. He loves humid, plenty of rainy weather. Especially in the Western Black Sea provinces of our country is seen abundant and is a herb that has found its place in the Black Sea cuisine. Bolu, Ordu, Zonguldak, Giresun kitchen, canned, plenty of onion roasting, stuffing. The flavor of the eggs with eggs and the pastry prepared with houd grass is legendary. The image of the hump is reminiscent of Balı Baba flower. There are purple flowers and hairy leaves. Those who have not escaped to the flower should be preferred when gathering the hump. It is recommended to wear gloves when collecting and cleaning. Because when the roots of the cattle plant are transmitted, it contains a very difficult black -painted substance. It is troublesome to extract the grass. When will the hump come out? When to gather? The mace season starts with March and lasts until September. The ideal times of the plant to collect are April May. What are the benefits of hump? Hunga grass contains high amounts of omega oils. Because of this feature, the oil is removed and consumed directly as oil.
It has a calming effect. It is thought to be natural antidepressant.
Cough cuts, expectorant.
It is a very rich plant in terms of calcium and potassium.
Milk enhancer in breastfeeding women.
It is effective in colds and getting rid of influenza.
Cleans blood.
Intestinal friendly.
It is effective in urinary tract infections.
Headache, nausea, sensitivity to light, stomach pain, such as the effect of the effect of remaining effects.
It is also known that if the hod is crushed and brought to the consistency of ointment, it is effective in healing the wound and burn if it is wrapped on wounds and burns.
Hunga oil gives fullness to the skin! When houd oil is used alone, it leads to visible changes in the skin. On the cleaned skin, it is noticed that the skin becomes smooth and fuller when you apply a few drops of hump oil on a daily basis. When the oil is applied to the skin, it gives a greasy feel at first, but soon after the skin will absorb all oil, it will remain soft babyish skin. Houdan oil can be applied to the skin twice in the morning and evening. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.