Corona Virus is able to protect against the Corona virus, which has influenced the whole world since the first month of 2020 and causes concern all over the world. Let’s protect ourselves and our loved ones against this deadly epidemic by taking simple but vital measures! Corona Virus Protection Ways Corona virus is transmitted to other people through particles that occur with the sneezing or coughing of sick people. For this reason, the crowded places that we have to contact with other people are risky areas. Public transport, crowded meetings and entertainment venues, shopping malls should be preferred as little as possible and should be visited less. If we have to enter the crowded closed areas, it would be a place to wear a mask for protection. The Corona virus may also be transmitted to other people by means of surfaces in contact with the saliva of the sick person. For this reason, we should definitely avoid touching our faces, mouths and eyes with our hands after touching places such as door handles and elevator buttons in common areas. As long as we are outside, we should wash our hands frequently as much as possible. When it is not possible to wash our hands, cologne will be the best disinfectant. Malls, courthouse, schools are crowded places. In order to preserve ourselves in these places, close contact should be avoided by choosing stairs instead of elevator. It is important to avoid greetings that require close contact such as handshake and kissing. There are some precautions in our kitchen. One of them is to consume animal nutrients such as meat and eggs after cooking very well. In addition, we need to pay more attention to our quality of life during this time, that is, our eating and sleep patterns than ever before. Good sleep, balanced diet, exercise; Consuming foods rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants strengthens our immune system. It makes our body stronger against the virus. Zinc, omega-3 and vitamin C-rich foods should be consumed. Abundant fluid consumption is also important in protection from the corona virus. Warm water should be preferred. Corona Virus Protection Ways: Gargara frequently by mouthwash with warm salted water, using sugar -free fertility should be prevented from entering the virus by mouth. Funds should be preferred without sugar. This measure is also ideal for the protection of children. What are the Symptoms of Corona Virus? Corona virus gives the first symptoms with high fever, respiratory problems, dry cough and headache that accompanies them. Nasal discharge, which is frequently seen in flu and flu, is not a common symptom of nasal congestion Corona virus. If you have such complaints, the nearest health institution should be consulted without delay. During the process of symptoms, a mask must be installed. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.