Probiotic is a word that we often hear on television and social media lately. “Is probiotic and prebiotic different things?” “Should it be used together?” “Should I use prebiotic reinforcement?” “Does children need probiotic?” “What do the prebiotics do?” questions such as all of us are the questions of all of us. Let’s take a closer look at the probiotics! What is probiotic? Probiotics are living microorganisms with a positive effect on our health. Yes, you haven’t heard wrong, prebiotics are alive! What are the probiotic benefits? Unlike many bacteria and microorganisms, pro biotics are beneficial and supportive for human health. They help our bodies to work properly, help the production of some vitamins, allow the elimination of “disorders deki in our body system. Probiotics primarily work in our intestines. It is possible to regulate our intestinal flora both with pro biotic foods and pro biotic food supplements. Remember! Having a healthy digestive system and a healthy intestinal flora is the most important part of having a strong immune system! What are probiotic foods? Fermented foods are at the beginning of these foods. So what are these fermented foods? Yoghurt found in all of us
Kefir, where you can buy it ready or ferment yourself at home
The German cabbage pickles prepared without using lemon or vinegar “Sauerkraut”, especially in the content of lemon or vinegar homemade pickles
Popular useful drink of recent times “Kombucha”
“Kimchi” prepared from fermented red pepper, cabbage and other vegetables on request
“Tempeh”, which is not yet widespread in our country, produced with fermentation of soybeans
With the above fermented foods, it is possible to increase the number of healthy bacteria in our body. Probiotic food supplements may also be preferred. Probiotic capsule or tablet and probiotic chassis forms are available in the market. What is the difference between prebiotic and probiotic? This question is one of the questions that confuse all of us. First of all, prebiotic food and probiotic food are absolutely two different concepts. Our bodies always need probiotics and prebiotics. Prebiotics require probiotics and probiotics prebiotics. We can think of prebiotics as the food of healthy microorganisms in our body. We can easily provide the prebiotics that our body needs by feeding on plant -based. What are Prebiotic Foods? Many healthy plant -based food is prebiotic. One of these foods: Dried legumes (especially beans, lentils, peas, chickpeas)
Mustard grass
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