Which reinforcement should be taken when? If you are looking for a detailed answer to the question, this article is for you!
If you prefer food supplements as part of your daily life, there are two important and basic points to consider when using them: the right timing and product quality
It is very important to choose the supplements you are sure to be reliable. At the time of the day and with which other supplements you should use these supplements, it is another important point. Some supplements should not be used together! This is also important.
Basically, let’s start by dividing the day into 3: morning, afternoon and evening
Which reinforcement should be taken when? Morning supplements
Morning supplements in general include vitamins and other supplements that should be consumed together with fatty foods.

Vitamin C should be taken in the morning or evening? Vitamin C: It can be taken with plenty of fatty foods both in the morning and in the afternoon. If iron is used to increase absorption, it is used in the morning with vitamin C.
Vitamin E: It is one of the fat -soluble vitamins. It should be preferred to be taken with plenty of fatty foods in the morning.
B vitamins: Tiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantotenic acid, pyridoxine, biotin, folic acid and cobalamine are located in this group.
They are energy -enhancing during the day. B vitamins can generally be taken with or separately in the morning.

Is Vitamin B12 and C used together? If your complex B vitamin B12 contains B12 and you are also using vitamin C supplements, it is recommended to have at least 2 hours of receipt of these two supplements.
Otherwise, vitamin C may adversely affect the body’s B12 absorption.
Iron: In the morning, consumption of an empty stomach is recommended. However, if it is nauseous for you, it can also be taken with the morning meal.
However, the point to be considered is that iron should never be taken with calcium supplementation.
In addition, if you are having a calcium -rich breakfast or consume plenty of coffee and tea for breakfast, you may prefer to buy iron at the next meal, not in the morning.
Milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products and green leafy vegetables are rich in calcium.
Koenzyim Q10: Recruitment with healthy oils in the morning is ideal.

Which reinforcement should be taken when? In the afternoon supplements
Many of the supplements in this group should be taken with food. Therefore, it will be appropriate to get them immediately after lunch.

When to drink vitamin D? Which vitamin D should be taken with? Vitamin D: Avocado, eggs, olive oil or coconut oil… It is recommended to be taken together with healthy oils.
Vitamin D is a vitamin that works synchronously with vitamin K. It is known that both vitamin D and calcium absorption will increase when taken with vitamin K.
Vitamin K: It is taken with vitamin D and healthy fats. It is among the heart -friendly vitamins.
Fish Oil: Removing fish oil with food significantly increases the absorption of the essential fatty acids it contains.
Tip: Freezing your fish oil supplements helps the disappearance of the disturbing fish that comes to your mouth.
Vitamin C: If you take vitamin C as two doses, it can be taken at the second dose after the morning reinforcement in the morning.
Is zinc hungry or full? When should it be taken? Zinc: It is a mineral to be taken with food.
However, it should never be taken with calcium or iron.
Zinc may also prevent the absorption of copper and other minerals. Therefore, it is necessary to take the zinc at least two hours apart from these supplements.
Iodine: Mid -day energy increase provides. It can be taken afternoon.

Which reinforcement should be taken when? Food supplements to be taken in the evening

When to drink magnesium? Magnesium: It is one of the best supplements to help relax and fall asleep.
Calcium or zinc should be avoided. This absorption will cause competition.
Calcium: Body calcium uses the best night.
It should not be taken with zinc or magnesium. This absorption will cause competition.
In addition, calcium supplements and antioxidant supplements should not be taken together.
Probiotics: Useful bacteria work in the best way if taken in the absence of digestive enzymes that can break them. Therefore, it is recommended to make the purchase immediately before bedtime.
Turmeric: The most ideal time to get the turmeric used in reinforcement form to help digestive problems is just before bedtime.

When to drink multivitamin? You can prevent nausea by taking multivitamins with food.
Some multivitamins may need to be used during the day with multiple doses. Check out the instructions.
As a result, it is very important to set the timing and which supplements together to get the highest benefit from nutritional supplements.
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