Quince seed gel; It helps to maintain the natural moisture balance of the skin. Let’s examine the quince seed more closely for dry and dehydrated skin, which offers a very effective and natural solution!
What are the benefits of quince seeds? What does it do? A, B, C contains vitamin A, B, C in the mask content you will simply prepare by bringing the nuclei of the quince together with water.
Naturally repairing skin damage.
He fights free radicals.
It serves as a natural barrier on the skin and ensures that the skin is protected from external factors such as hot, cold and wind.
This gel is also very effective in getting rid of sunspots and acne spots.
Opening wrinkles, giving tension to the skin, gathering the skin is among the other miracles of the quince gel.

Is the quince seed good for eczema? It is thought that nuclei with relieving skin relaxing and reducing the itching can alleviate the effects of skin disorders such as eczema.
Quince seeds can only be gelled by mixing with water, or by using natural oils together.
2 tablespoons of quince seeds for 1 teaspoon of bitter almond oil is an ideal mask measure. Water is also added to this mixture. 1 cup of drinking water will be enough for this mixture.

Quince seed rose water mixture to the mixture by replacing a portion of the water with rose water can make your mask even more useful.
2 tablespoons of quince seed
1 teaspoon of bitter almond oil
1 cup of drinking water

Quince seed mask almond oil, quince seeds and drinking water by mixing the mask you should apply to clean skin.

How long should the quince seed gel be kept? You can rinse the mask with warm water after waiting for at least 20 minutes for a maximum of 20 minutes on your face.

How long is the quince seed gel stored? How to hide?
How many days does it break? If the mixture is too much, you do not need to throw it in the trash. You can store for about 10 days in the refrigerator.
As the mixture stops, it will be more consistent and gel.
However, it is recommended that you smell it before using the mixture you stored in the refrigerator. If there is any fragrance change in the gel, the application should not be made.

How long is the quince seed gel used? You can use the gel for a long time or short -term.
If it is used to get rid of skin blemishes and to lighten the skin color, this mask is usually used and released for a while.
Regular use to moisturize the skin, protect it from external factors, and reduce aging skin deformations is also common. Core gel mask can be applied once or twice a week.

Will the quince seed gel make a hair growth? People who prepare and regularly use the gel have no complaints about hair growth.

Is it applied to the hair? The quince seed mask is a natural mask that can be used not only for skin but also for hair care.
The quince seed, which contributes to the look of the hair more vivid, also minimizes wear due to hair dye.
The effect of quince seeds on soft infant hair is also quite high.

What are the damage to the skin of the quince seed gel? The gel has no known side effects on the skin. It is suitable for external use. However, the internal use of the seeds is not recommended.

Quince seed gel during pregnancy
It is known that the defeat of the seeds may have serious side effects, especially for pregnant women.
However, in order to minimize unwanted skin cracks during pregnancy, quince seed mask can be performed externally and good results can be obtained.
Does quince beautify the baby during pregnancy? Does quince make dimples while pregnant?
Although it may be inconvenient to consume the seeds of pregnant women, it is recommended for valuable vitamins and minerals that quince provides plenty of consumption during pregnancy.
There are some beliefs in this regard. It is thought that the baby of mothers who consume plenty of quince during their pregnancy will be beautiful and dimpled.
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