Hamam grass is a natural plant that women usually use to get rid of unwanted hair in the past, also known as Zirnik. The plant is quite bad.
The plant uses it as known as a known depilatory creams. However, in regular use, it is claimed that it will not cause harshly hardening of depilatory creams or razoring, but rather decrease.
This plant, which is essentially used in almost all feather surplus creams on the market, is the cause of the bad smell of creams.
Hamam grass; It has been quite popular among those looking for an affordable natural alternative to get rid of unwanted hair.
The color is greenish.
There are products that are released by many different companies as Hama grass powder and Turkish bath oil.
These powder forms are mixed with water and brought to the consistency of paste and applied to the hairy areas. After a short time, a paste is stripped with a skin and get rid of the feathers.
In ancient times, it is known that women use natural seashells for this stripping process.
It is said that baths can be applied in most regions except sensitive areas such as faces. Leg, armpits, arm, back hammam are the most widely used areas.
Is bath powder used in the vaginal area? Hamam grass is not recommended because the region is very sensitive to use to get rid of unwanted hairs in the vaginal area.
Is it safe for the baths that are sold as an affordable, practical feathers?

Is it harmful? Various poisoning cases due to the use of baths were reported.
Some people cause serious allergic reactions and hair rotation. For this reason, if this product is to be used, it is recommended to try a small region on the skin.
Naturally contains arsenic in the content of the armor. It can cause arsenic accumulation and poisoning in long -term or large amounts of use.
Allergic reactions such as itching, redness, non -passing burning sensation, wound and eczema are observed on the skin as a result of long -term waiting of the product in the powder form.
Long -term inhalation in the use of the product is in great danger, especially in hot days and in a narrow area.

What are the symptoms of hammam grass poisoning? Mental turbidity
Vineyard pain
Loss of consciousness are the first symptoms.
If the symptoms are seen, you must go to the hospital without losing time.
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