The Aronian fruit is a very special fruit, which is known as “super fruit, and has a virtue to destroy even cancer cells. This special fruit is found spontaneously in the forested land.
It grows spontaneously in regions with temperate climate in our country. In addition, as a cultural plant, controlled production has been started in our country and gradually its awareness is increasing.
The image of this purple fruit resembles blackberry. Hunter grapes, Kaskanaka, Cerra, Bird Cherry, Liquor, Tea grape is also known as the names.
[Button Link = “ It is an anti -inflammatory, effective against viruses.
With regular consumption of Aronia, you can reduce the risk of getting cold, flu, colds. Aronia also has a virus suppressive feature. It strengthens immunity. Protects cancer.
It protects against cancer with antioxidant and high orac value. It fights cancer cells. It is one of the best known antioxidants known
It provides weight control.
There are studies showing that it is effective in the burning of abdominal oils around the waist.
Strengthens blood vessels, reduces the risk of heart attack.
It contains plenty of phenols that allow toxic substances from the body, prevent inflammation, increase the elasticity of blood vessels and thus prevent blockage.
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What is Arona Stream? Does it weaken? Aronia can be used by eaten the fruit fresh and squeezed the water. One of the most common and easy forms of consuming the fruit is to brew tea. Aronia tea is prepared by brewing dried Aronian fruits like herbal tea.

Does Aronia weaken tea? Yes, this tea has positive effects on weakening. As mentioned above, Arona Stream is very effective, especially in the burning of the fat around the waist.
In addition, this tea has a feature of supporting a longer time by providing a feeling of satiety.

How to use Arona Stream? Arona tea should be consumed up to 2 times a day. Should not be avoided. It is recommended to consume tea on an empty stomach.
It is a suitable amount to use Arona tea in the form of 1 cup before breakfast and 1 cup before dinner.

How to use Aronia? The consumption of Aronian fruit with lemon is recommended by experts. Consumption with lemon increases the effect of fruit.
Lemon juice and Aronian mixture is seen as a very effective method especially in protection from Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.
It can also be consumed without brewing fruit. It can be added to yogurt, salads or fruit juices. 20 -40 fruit consumption is normal for adults on a daily basis. This ratio should not exceed 10 menstruation for children.
How is the taste of the Aronian fruit? Aronia has a sweet sour flavor. Like quince, lightly mouth is in a structure.

ARONYA Fruit Nutrition Values ​​A Water Cup ARONYA Fruit
21 g carbohydrate,
0.5 g oil,
1gr protein,
20 mg vitamin C,
140 IU Vitamin A
Contains 85 calories.
How much is the Aronia fruit weight? Aronia is sold to dried, frozen or dried and sold into powdered. KG is a fruit high. For this reason, widespread sales are made with small weight. In 2021, the price of kg varies between 500 -1000 TL. This price is increasing in low weight products. [Button Link = “ Seed seeds can be found easily in our country. Seed cultivation is also possible. The price of seedlings varies according to age, length and grafted in the market. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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