How to make cologne at home? Experts say that the best method for protection from the corona virus epidemic, which has been influenced in our country for a while, is to wash our hands frequently for protection from the virus epidemic. In cases where we cannot wash our hands, cologne grows to our rescue.
One of the most practical, most effective methods to protect viruses is the use of cologne. As such, it is a fact that it started to have difficulty in finding cologne in the markets. Some malicious sellers are released with exorbitant prices and cologne. In this case, the business falls to the beginning!
Making cologne is not a difficult, laborious or a lot of time. With less material, you can prepare your own cologne at home in a short time.
What you need to make cologne is as follows;
What’s in the cologne?
Ethyl alcohol
Distilled pure water
Volatile oil or lemon peel
Here are the materials you need!
Materials and dimensions for easy cologne recipe 4 cups ethyl alcohol (around 800 ml)
It is recommended that you use alcohol over 80 degrees to provide effective protection against viruses! Cheap and do not buy alcohol from where you don’t know the source. Do not prefer methyl alcohol.
Half a cup of distilled pure water
To obtain pure water, simply boil the water and cool. Use drinking water. 2 lemon peel or 2 teaspoons essential oil
You can use lemon, oranges, bergamot, tangerine, tobacco, tea tree, vetiver, patchouli, jasmine or another volatile oil you want.
How to make cologne at home?
If you are going to use lemon, just make sure to add the shell, do not add the inside or water.
Then leave the mixture to rest for 1 day to mix, blend and flavor.
The next day, add half a cup of distilled pure water to the mixture.
Finally, strain the mixture and bottle. If you have used essential oil for your colonry, you don’t need to strain, but if you have used lemon peel, you should definitely drain your mixture. You can use a thin cheesecloth or coffee filter instead of cologne strained cloth, cologne strainer paper.
The shelf life of your homemade collect is more than 3 years. When your colony is broken, there will be a change in the smell and will lose its effect.
If you do not want to fly the alcohol of your cologne to lose its effect and protection, keep it closed and store it in a place that does not take direct sun.
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