Hair loss is one of the common and widespread problems of people from all walks of people, young or old, men or women. There may be different causes of hair loss, and more than one causes together can lead to serious baldness.
What causes hair loss? Vitamin deficiency
Studying a missing nutrition in terms of vitamins and minerals, not taking enough zinc, iron and folic acid can cause hair casting.
Cosmetic causes
Frequent use of cosmetic products that do not have clean content, excessive blow dryer and hair dye may result in hair loss.
Stress & Depression
Our hair is directly affected by our mood. Intense sorrows, excessive stress and depression lead to hair loss and balding.
Genetic factors
The reason for hair loss may be genetic reasons transferred for generations.
Leather problems
One of the common causes of hair loss is the discomfort in the skin. In such cases, expert support should be obtained.
Being a uniform feeding, being a diet with heavy carbohydrate content triggers hair loss.
Hormonal reasons
Internal medicine and drug use
Hair loss as a side effect of some diseases and drugs is quite common. Especially problems in the thyroid glands are very effective in hair loss.
Birth and chemotherapy
Mothers who give birth sometimes and often in cancer patients who have to receive chemotherapy are frequently seen.

What is good for hair loss? Avoiding nerve and stress, having a healthy diet, consuming mineral and vitamin -rich foods is good for hair loss, slowing down, it can stop shedding.

Foods that prevent hair loss to increase fruit consumption,
Consuming plenty of green leafy vegetables,
Consuming nuts rich in fatty acids (such as almonds and walnuts),
Consuming seafood containing omega 3 prevents hair loss.

Cure recipe against hair loss is quite easy and effortless to prepare cloves against hair loss. However, regular use is important for 3 months to benefit from this cure.

Carnation water cure recipe for hair loss preparation
In a saucepan, a tablespoon of cloves are added to 1 liter of water.
Water, clove mixture is boiled for 20 minutes over medium heat and allowed to cool.
The cooling mixture is taken into a spray bottle.
It is sufficient to apply this mixture up to 20 pents only to the bottom of the hair. The mixture prevents hair loss, revitalizes the hair, allows you to get more lush hair, causes new hair to come out, even avoid baldness.
Clove juice should be used for 3 months.
The first week is used every day.
The second week is excessive application.
The third week is enough to use 1 in 3 days.
The fourth week is used twice.
It is sufficient to apply cloves to the bottom of the hair once in 15 days during the 2nd month and 3 months.
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