Baby Tarhanası is a product that is frequently preferred by mothers and fathers with its high nutrition. However, a tarhana that has not been prepared correctly can cause more harm to your baby than to benefit.
So how should the ideal baby tarhana be? What is different from the normal tarhan of baby tarhana?
Baby Tarhanası Normal Tarhana What is the difference? The first answer to this question will probably not be painful in the baby tarhana. Yes, the right baby will not be hot pepper in the tarhana.
But the job doesn’t end with hot pepper!
In the ideal baby tarhana, not only hot pepper, but also no other spices. Spices such as thyme and mint, which are very useful for us, are not suitable for babies yet.
Not only the spices but also salt and sugar are on the list of those who are not suitable for the most ideal baby tarhana.
Some tarhanas contain pulses. Beans, chickpeas, lentils .. As much as the taste and nutrition of the tarhana. But pulses may not always be suitable for every baby.
Pulses are intense gas -maker, gas is the enemy of babies! Parsley, dill, fresh mint .. The sine qua non of the houses, but the bride seems that these high -flavored fresh herbs cannot be used in the baby tarhana.
Babies should wait a little longer to meet delicious greenery! Gluten Sensitivity!
One of the main materials of Tarhana is undoubtedly flour. It is possible to prepare whole wheat, black, esmeri .. with various kinds of flour. But the best one will not suit any tarhan prepared with gluten flour for the little ones with gluten sensitivity, albeit most delicious. Let’s come to tomatoes!
Tomato is among the sine qua non of tarhana yes. But some little ones may show sensitivity and allergic reactions to tomatoes. For this reason, the use of tomatoes in the baby tarhana before 1 year is not recommended. Onion and tomato paste are also widely used in normal tarhana, which is not suitable for baby tarhanas.
How many months are given to babies? Since each baby is unique and special, the answer to this question will vary.
Nevertheless, the common opinion of the experts is that we can introduce our babies to Tarhana as of the earliest 6th month, which corresponds to the transition period.
What’s in the baby tarhana? The content of the tarhana, which we will add to the nutrition of our baby with a very simple tarhana in the 6th month, can be colored and enriching the content further in the age of 1 year.
As of the 6th month, it is ideal to have various wheat flour, strained yogurt, carrots, fresh beans and broccoli. If the baby is not allergic, sweet pepper can be added to the additional list.
Baby tarhana should be quite light color, almost white.
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