Oregano; Partridge is a kind of plant, also known as black kınık, moth grass and marjoram. It is very similar to thyme. It is even considered a kind of thyme by some experts. But essentially this plant comes from the same family as mint.
It is especially widely used in Italian cuisine. One of the hidden secrets of the Italian pizza sauce is this fragrant spice.
Oregano, zahter, mountain thyme or Izmir thyme, such as species is mostly agricultural species. In other words, it is difficult to grow up in nature, it is rare. Powed in the fields and harvested.
The smell and aroma are slightly lighter than other species of thyme grown in nature.
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Vitamin K is a source of manganese, iron, vitamin E, tryptophan and calcium.
Anti -fungal. Anti -bacterial. It has an effect against parasites.
It is relaxing, making it easier to go to sleep.
It has a breath -opening effect.
Contains antioxidants that help prevent cell damage.
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How to grow Mercanköşk? It is a plant that does not want to grow. It is possible to grow Oregano even in a small pot.
It is a plant that loves the sun and water.

Oregano oil can be used by dropping a few drops into shampoo, hair conditioner and skin care cream.
It is also common to mix into mouthwater. It helps to get rid of wounds and slight sore throat.
It is also known to have cough mitigating effect.
It is known that this fat is used in skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis. It helps to heal wounds faster.

What is the difference between Oregano and Thyme? Although these two plants are close relatives, they are two different species. THYME is generally used to express the plant known as zahter thyme. Oregana is widely known as Mercian.
THYME grows and is used more commonly in our country. It has more pointed leaves. You have the smell more.
Oregano has more round, smaller leaves. The smell is similar to the grain but lighter.

What is Oregano’s Turkish? Turkish is the most commonly known as Mercişk.
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How to use Oregano? Wherever you use the oregano, you can also choose oregano.
Tomato, tomato sauces, grilled vegetables and meats are particularly worthy.
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