A brand new trend that spreads to the world via Tiktok platform!
Is this recipe, which is simply prepared at home and launched as a healthy coke, is it really healthy?
The homemade healthy cola recipe in popular application is actually a mixture of mineral water and balsamic vinegar.
The first one who tries this mixture is an American high -follower user. The user states that the recipe belongs to the Pilates teacher.
The viral of this video is actually related to the first user’s description of the taste of the mineral water and balsamic vinegar mixture.
Many Tiktok users who experience this recipe in front of the cameras are not satisfied with the taste of the recipe.
The problem here is that the excessive acidic mixture prepared by the combination of mineral water and balsamic vinegar is not healthy, or even dangerous?
Such an acidic mixture can of course adversely affect digestion and mouth health.
According to specialist dentists, such mixtures may cause abrasion of teeth.
https://egepazarindan.com/mavi-kelebek-cayi-nasil-demlel-soguk-mavi-cay/ The combination of the pH of 2 to 3 pH between 2 and 3 pH of the ballon water is the source of the negative effect for the adverse effect for the teeth.
The neutral pH degree is 7.
When pH falls below 5.5, demineralization may occur in the tooth enamel. Demineralization weakens the enamel, the hard and bright exterior coating of the teeth.
As a result, the plaque increases the likelihood of gap and gum disease in the teeth.
This “healthy” recipe is also effective on the destruction of the teeth. It is more harmful than consuming it within 2 minutes to consume 1 cup of balsamic vinegar, mineral water mixture in 1 hour.
Alternatives for healthy cola is wise to prefer mineral water as the main material to create healthier alternatives for those who like carbonated drinks. Lemon, musket lemon, strawberries that you will add to the mineral water… Provides extra flavor and visuality.
Natural sweeteners for more sweetness; Natural candies with 0 calories such as Steve, Erythritol can be used.
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