Black Carrot is a precious vegetable that we started to see in the markets as of December.
These colored carrots, called black or purple carrots, can be black or dark purple.
The very strong anthocyanine called antioxidant is also the substance that also gives the black color of the carrot.
The anthocyanin contained in the black carrot is rare and very valuable. It is thought to have potential for the treatment of various common neurological diseases that are not fully known and without treatment.
What are the Benefits of Purple Carrot? Purple carrot is also a low -calorie food like orange ones. Fiber is very rich in vitamin K, vitamin C, potassium and manganese.
Good for eye health.
According to various scientific studies, it is thought that anthocyanins it contains may benefit from various vision problems such as improving nightview, combating macular degeneration and reducing the risk of retinopathy.
Moreover; helps digestion. It has a positive effect on bones and teeth and heart health.
Where is the black carrot found? Turnip carrot purple colored carrot is a vegetable produced in a wide range of regions of our country. Central Anatolian provinces such as Konya, Eastern Anatolia and Southeastern Anatolia provinces come to the fore in black carrots cultivation. Vegetables are also exported to various countries.

When is the black carrot come out? Black carrots are harvested at a similar time with orange carrots. Harvest time starts as of the end of November. December is the most intense harvest of the carrot and plenty of sale in the markets.

Purple carrot recipes can grate your colored carrot raw in salads. This is the most common and first thing that comes to mind.
Picking black carrots and squeezing water are other common methods.
Combining carrots with yogurt and making a colorful tarator is also a fun option.
You can also use your black carrots by cooking. With the heat, your carrots will soften and some more confectionery.
Kaanji or Kanji
Grail Carrot Water
Purple carrot can also be made of recipes specific to Indian cuisine. Kanji is the most popular of these recipes. It can be considered as a kind of fermented vegetable juice. It also contains beets and mustard seeds. What are the benefits of black carrot babies? How many months are given to babies? Black Carrot is suitable for the consumption of infants from the 6th month. It has a positive effect on bone development and supports infants’ eye health.
For babies, consumption is generally cooked by preparing soup and puree.
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