EPSOM salt is one of the best bath salt components.
You can use this salt, also known as magnesium sulfate or British salt, not only in the bathroom but in your home for a wide variety of purposes.
So much so that the use of Epsom salt in homes dates back to the 17th century. Firstly, it was distilled from a bitter salt water source in Surrey, England. And therefore British salt is another name of this salt.
WHAT IS EPSOM SALT? EPSOM is a compound of magnesium and sulfate minerals. And it is different from traditional salt.

Epsom salt rock salt? Its appearance is just like table salt. It consists of small and colorless crystals. However, since table salt or rock salt consists of sodium chloride, these two salt are two completely different salt. Usage forms and benefits are also different.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/epsom-tuzu-tuz-tiz-tuzu-kg/” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] Now buy [/button] epsom salt benefits? Magnesium sulfate is a component that our body needs. Today, most people have to experience lack of lack and negativity.
The lack of this important substance in our body is usually caused by various reasons such as excessive use of prescription drugs, processed and intense consumption of fastfood foods.
EPSOM Salt is also a natural anti-inflammatory and exfolian that can be used in muscle pain and dry skin treatment.
Let’s examine this miracle salt more closely and let’s take a look at how we can use it!

Bath salt
EPSOM salt is the most commonly used as bath salt. EPSOM, which is soluble in warm water in the bathroom, is easily absorbed from the skin and quickly starts to work in our body.
Magnesium ions in salt content are separated from their molecules. And it reduces the negative effects of adrenaline and stress by promoting serotonin production.
EPSOM salts absorbed from the skin also try to alleviate muscle tension, muscle pain and inflammation in the joints. Moreover, it supports improve blood circulation and prevent serious cardiovascular diseases.
EPSOM salts are also used to get foot pain and fatigue. It is also very effective on foot fungus.
How to use?
Add half a glass of magnesium sulfate to warm water to alleviate itching and burning, to help heal the feet faster. And soak your feet in water for about an hour.
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You can also use salt on your skin.
You can easily get rid of dead cells by applying a handful of EPSOM salt to the moist skin and make your skin look healthier and more soft.
Salt also cleans the excess oil on the skin and especially black spots.
EPSOM salts in hair care
It is also possible to add volume to hair with British salt.
How to use?
Mix the hair cream and salt evenly. Apply to wet hair. And then let it stand for 15 minutes and rinse.
You can also use EPSOM for cleaning at your home. So much so that Epson acts as a completely natural cleaning material.
In particular, it helps to remove food residues that stick to pans and pots without fence.
It also gives quite good results about the dirt between the joints.
Moreover, you can apply for an epsoma for cleaning the washing machine.
EPSOM salt in garden maintenance
Finally, if you want to get rid of garden pests and snot insects without chemical drugs, you can get very good results with EPSOM Salt!
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