Are you aware of the health benefits of blackberry leaves? We are all familiar with the benefits of purple, delicious fruit blackberry.
What about the leaves, even the root of our health has numerous benefits to say?
Come on, let’s take a closer look at the benefits of this precious wild plant, having a very difficult leaves!
Blackberry bush is a perennial shrub -type plant that can adapt to almost every climate of the world. Just like strawberry, its leaves are suitable for consumption as food.
Blackberry leaves are often consumed by brewing as herbal tea. Leaves can be grinded or used in whole.
The use of these leaves for healing actually extends until many years ago. Moreover, the area of ​​use is not limited to human health.
Leaves appear as an external alternative method to get rid of inflammatory painful diseases of poultry.
What are the benefits and damages of blackberry leaves? It is known that people are resorted to blackberry leaves in cases such as mild inflammation and diarrhea in the mouth and throat.
Specifically, blackberry leaves and roots are also regulating menstrual bleeding and anemia.
The leaves are used by mouthwash to heal and clean the mouth by boiling and cooling.
Leaves contain highly tannin, iron and vitamins; It is also known to be a valuable antioxidant.
The main bioactive compounds in the fruit parts of the plant are also revealed by studies. The leaf parts of the blackberry are considered among the richest chlorogenic acid sources.
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