How does nasal congestion pass? A question that we all want to know from time to time.
Nasal congestion; It usually occurs due to colds, flu, allergies or sinus infection.
Nasal congestion, which makes it difficult to breathe, clearly reduces the quality of life.
Regardless of the reason, there are some methods of getting rid of this nasal congestion and breathing more comfortable and quality. In this writing, we will talk about some of these methods.
How to open nasal congestion? Humidifier (Air Moisturizer)
Humidifiers, often familiar to seeing in baby rooms, can offer a good solution for adults whose nose is clogged.
It opens up nasal congestion quickly and helps to get rid of headache -related headache.
Humidifier increases the moisture content in the environment. Breathing this moisturized air relaxes the swollen blood vessels in your nose and sinuses and thinner mucus is thinner.
Hot shower
Taking a hot shower also has a similar effect on the effect of the humidifier.
Steam from the hot shower helps to thin the intra -nasal mucus and reduce inflammation.
However, the shower may be short -term positive effects.
Drink plenty of water
Abundant fluid consumption helps to thin the mucus on the nasal roads, throw the fluids out of your nose and reduce the pressure in your sinuses.
Hot compress can provide an external effect on clogged nasal channels.
Application can be done with a hot towel. The towel should be placed on the nose and forehead. Temperature can also be effective against headache -related headache, if any.
Hot compress application can be done frequently, there is no side effect.
How to open the clogged nose at home? Net Pot (Nose Breasting Coat)
Net container is a small capacity designed to clean your mucus and liquids from your nasal transitions.
This container can be plastic or porcelain.
If you are looking for things that open nasal congestion, one can be one of the things you are looking for!
Salt water spray
Using salt water spray increases the moisture in your nostrils.
The spray helps to thin the mucus in the nose. This reduces inflammation of the blood vessel and helps to discharge the fluids in the nose.

How does one -sided nasal congestion pass? Sometimes congestion can be on one side, not in both nostrils. This creates a very disturbing feeling and prevents breathing comfortably.
All applications above can be made for unilateral nasal congestion.
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