Tamarillo is a fruit of southern and central America, also known as tree tomatoes.
This fruit, which we are not used to, can adapt to some regions and climatic types in our country. It is a product that has been cultivated in recent years, albeit small in recent years.
What are the benefits of Tamarillo tomato? How does it taste? A, B6, C, E, fiber and antioxidants, carotenoids and anthocyanin is rich in fruit.
It is superior to eye and skin health.
The taste is not dominant, the interior is sweet. The outer shell is too painful to be eaten. It gets a sweeter consistency when cooked. https://egepazarindan.com/camu-camu-meyvesi-c-vitamini-dolu-tropical-lezzet/
How to Eat Tamarillo? Although the outer shell is painful, the interior of Tamarillo is quite juicy, delicious and sweet. The appearance resembles a small -sized tomato or a large rosehip fruit.
It is possible to consume the fruit raw or cooked.
If it is to be consumed raw, the fruit is divided into two after washing beautifully. And the inner part is removed with the help of a spoon like avocado.
This interior is consumed with pleasure. Pain and unpleasant outer shell is not consumed.
It may also be a good idea to sprinkle some sugar on it to sweeten the fruit.
This fruit, known as tree tomatoes, can also be cooked with house and chicken dishes prepared in the oven. Or it can be consumed only after boiled for a short time in hot water and softened slightly.
It is used in sauce making, pickles are installed or dried in the sun.

Tamarillo cultivation should be sewn in a sunny and sheltered area. The area where it is planted should not have a drainage problem. The water accumulated at the bottom causes the tree to die in a short time.
It is not very resistant to cold. It can withstand temperatures below 0 degrees (only to -3 or -4 degrees).

Tamarillo seed is a bit laborious to grow the plant from seed. It is even more difficult to grow outdoor seeds that are highly affected by climatic changes. Therefore, seed growing is usually done in indoor environments.
Seedlings of the tree should be preferred directly into the garden.

When does Tamarilllo be fruitful? How many years it gives fruit? Tree tomatoes are one of the fruits that give fruit shortly after they are relatively sewn. Usually it starts to fruit on average after an average of 2 years after planting. The tree blooms and fruits for 5 – 6 months of the year.
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