Melisa Stream; It is one of the leading herbal teas that facilitates the transition to sleep. Lemon Melisa, whose consumption is pleasant to consume with its pleasant smell, is brewed fresh or dried.
Although it is remembered for its calming, high quality and unreliable sleep, Melisa tea has other positive effects on health:
Relaxing the stomach. Helps digestion.
It is known that it is preferred as supporting herbal tea in cystitis and similar complaints.
Can Melisa tea be drunk with antidepressants? The relaxing lemon melisa plant, which is thought to have a slightly antidepressant properties, should not be consumed together with antidepressant drugs.
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When should Melisa tea drink? Melisa is often consumed in the evening hours near the sleep time, not during the day because it has a relaxing and sleeping effect. At least 2 hours after the meal, it will increase the effect of consumption with a stomach that is not very full.
Can Melisa and Daisy Tea drink together? Melisa and chamomile are both plants referred to as relaxing, relaxing, natural antidepressant.
They are often consumed together. In addition to daisies, other relaxing bikis, such as lavender, yellow centaury, can be consumed by brewing together with lemon melisa.

How to mix Melisa and Chamomile Tea? In general, a measure of 1/1 can be used. This ratio may vary smallly according to your taste and preference.
1 Tea Cup of Mixture for herbal tea Total heaping 2 teaspoons of plant is enough.
Blending and crumbling in a container before brewing Melisa and daisy will make your tea better brew.
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Can sugar be thrown into Melisa tea? This is up to you. However, the recommended tea is consumed with the highest effect and healing. If your tea is not sweet enough for you without sugar, you can try to sweeten it with a small amount of honey.

How many days to drink Melisa tea? Like most herbal tea, lemon melisa should be consumed without overdoing.
More consumption in 2 tea cups on a daily basis is not recommended.
Uninterruptedly consumption can cause various side effects. For this reason, it is recommended that you consume the melis as alternately with other herbal teas, not every day.

Melisa tea is not drunk with what medications? People who use regular drugs and those who have chronic discomfort should consult a physician before consuming Melisa tea.
It should be remembered that this plant can interact with thyroid drugs and antidepressants!
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