Cat grass, also known as the Valerian plant, facilitates the transition to sleep. It also stands out with its relaxing and supportive features.
The use of the plant by societies is based on ancient times. Let’s examine the cat grass used for finding peace and relaxing more closely!
Where does it grow? Cat grass plant is a very adaptive plant that grows in many countries and regions in Asia and Europe.
The common root parts of the plant are suitable for use for purposes such as facilitating and relaxing.
The root parts of the plant have a soil, effective and dominant odor.
Cat grass oil is also an oil with a relaxing effect.
How is the taste of Valerian tea? The roots of the Valerian plant are brewed and suitable for consumption as tea.
The benefits of Yellow Wort Cat Tea Tea have an even higher effect together. Yellow weighing is a plant with relaxing and relaxing, just like the Valerian plant.
The taste is quite dominant and soil flavored.
Cat grass capsule is also other products that find the buyer in the market with capsule and liquid form of food supplements prepared from the plant.

What are the benefits of cat grass? The plant contains a number of components that support sleep and reduce anxiety.
Valenic acid, isovaleric acid, and strong antioxidants such as linarine and linarine are some components of the plant.
The plant falls asleep,
It has a positive effect on staying uninterrupted and deep asleep.
Moreover, it also supports a quality and restrictive sleep.
The soothing, calming effect of valet’s brain chemistry is also supported by scientific research.
Research also shows that valetot can have a mitigating effect on stress and similar emotions.
In addition, it is among the findings that are also supportive to focus and attention at some point to support long -term fixation.

What does cat seed root do? Other functions of the cat seed plant, which support the solution of complaints such as insomnia, stress, are as follows:
It alleviates complaints such as hot flashes during menopause.
It relieves pre -menstrual PMS complaints such as pain and pain.
According to a scientific study, it has been revealed that people with restless leg syndrome alleviate the symptoms of the disease. And it is another data that reduces daytime sleep due to this disease.

What are the valerian losses? The plant is safe for most people. According to scientific data, it has no addictive effect.
However, it is very rare, but complaints such as headache, stomach pain and dizziness due to valerian use have been reported.
Consult your doctor for the use of pregnant women, liver patients and young children.
If you are going to use valerot in the form of food supplements, consult your doctor for correct dosing.
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