Tilya Cure Recipe; It is a natural cure that is usually applied for 1 month to accelerate metabolism and provide weight loss. Fat is burning.
This cure application is applied with 3 basic natural plants: linden, golden grass and rosehip fruit
In addition to the use of these three natural plants, there are of course various prohibitions throughout the cure.
Tilya tea can be considered as a completely natural slimming tea. For cure application, linden, gold grass and rosehip are prepared together by brewing together.
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Tilya Cure Materials
3.5 cups of clean drinking water
10-12 dried rosehip fruits
2 pinch of linden
and gold up to 3 branches
Preparation of
The whole material is brewed together in a wide coffee pot:
Rosehip is added to the front water during brewing. Boil for 10 minutes. At the end of ten minutes, gold and linden are added to the water and boiling for 2 minutes.
At the end of the time, the plants are filtered and left to warm for a while.
After the mixture is warm, it is consumed up to 1 cup. No additional sugar, honey, milk is added.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/ihlamur/” Color = “Orange” Newwindow = “Yes”] Ihlamur [/Button] What should Tilya cure pay attention to? The mixture is consumed twice a day.
The mixture of the mixture is recommended on an empty stomach before meals.
It is thought that the mixture of herbal tea mixture to be consumed 2 times in the morning and evening will increase the effectiveness of drinking at least 6 hours.
What is forbidden in Tilya cure? It is recommended to avoid a number of foods during the cure application.
We can list these foods as follows:
Canned foods
Light -treated foods (sausage, salami, smoked meat or fish…)
Sauce mixtures containing intense salt
Alcoholic beverages

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As a result of the 1 -month application of the cure, people often experience weight loss between 4 to 7 kg.

Who can’t use Tilya tea? People who have previously been allergic reactions to linden, gold or rosehip plants should never apply this cure.
In addition, this cure application of people with blood pressure problems and using blood pressure medication may be inconvenient.

Is Tilya cure used in pregnancy? It is recommended that pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use cure to avoid possible side effects.

How many days does the Tilya cure effect? Cure starts to show its effect from the first week. The application for the best result can be made for 1 month.
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