Reflexology massage is an alternative healing method applied by pressure on hand, faces and feet with its simplest and basic expression. It focuses especially on the foot area.
This method is mainly based on the idea of ​​reaching certain organs and organ groups through energy channels in the body.
In order to reach these organs, the “reflex points” in the hands and months are targeted. It is believed that pressure on these regions will open possible energy blockages.
The roots of reflexology -like applications extend to ancient Egypt and China. However, the first name to refer to this concept comprehensively is William H. Fitzgerald, a nasal and throat doctor.
Which reflex area corresponds to which organs and sections in the body?
Reflexology zones for example:
Fingertips – corresponds to the entire head.
Foot belt – corresponds to internal organs such as liver, pancreas and kidney.
The top of the ball – corresponds to the intestine.
According to reflexologists, pressure on reflex points can also help balance the nervous system. And widespread endorphin release, which helps to reduce pain and stress without reason.
What are the benefits of reflexology massage? Stress and stress -related pain
headaches and migraine
Digestive disorders
Sleep Problems
Hormonal imbalances
Sports injuries
Pre -menstrual tension syndrome (PMS)
Digestive problems such as constipation
With complaints such as back pain, people resort to reflexology.
In addition, it is supported by various scientific studies that give positive results of the use of cancer pain and postoperative pain.

Reflexology Massage How to Make? Massage sessions usually take up to 30 to 60 minutes. Before switching to the massage section of the session, brief information about the person’s health history is obtained. In this way, the session will be made personalized.
For massage, it is reached on a comfortable chair or massage bed. The feet should be clean and without socks.
Reflexology specialist will first detect sensitive and tense regions in the feet.
During the session, massage oil, reflexology massage tools, brush, etc. Extra tools such as can be used. nasil-basa-cikilir/
Reflexology comments of those who prefer this application are generally positive. Sessions are quite relaxing for most people.
Otherwise, a painful, disturbing experience indicates that things are not going well.
Some areas of the foot can be painful. This pain should be reduced with pressure applied.
In general, you do not have to worry if you are tickled from your foot area. In practice, pressure usually does not cause tickle.

Reflexology baby gas is common in infants foot massage applications for gas pains. It is known as baby reflexology to massage the right regions by using light pressure on those areas.
It is generally preferred for gas pains complaints and in infants to facilitate the transition to sleep.

What is reflexology and foot massage difference? Although foot massage gives a similar feeling with a reflexology session, a reflexologist will work on certain areas to promote recovery response in the related organs.
A massage therapist with foot massage will stimulate muscles and other soft tissues to improve circulation, alleviate pain or provide general relief. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be aware of our informationable articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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