It is a condition that happens to everyone from time to time to flow from the mouth while sleeping. It is more common and common in children. Especially in the evening of the days you are too tired, water flowing oral flow is common.
However, it may not be normal that this happens very often, almost every time you sleep, and it may be necessary to consult a physician.
So causes saliva flow or water coming from oral water while sleeping?
In general, the reasons for flowing drooling while sleeping, as a result of excessive relaxation of our muscles while sleeping, our saliva leaks to the pillow during sleep. This is rarely normal if it is seen.
Nasal congestion can be triggering this condition. If our nose is clogged, we breathe out of our mouths, our mouth remains open all night and our saliva flows.
Using a nose -opener spray before going to bed or drip and smell refreshing oils such as eucalyptus to the diffuser will help you in this case.
Those who suffer from sleep apnea is also a common complaint that salivation flowing while sleeping.
Excessive functioning of salivary glands and excessive salivary accumulation in the mouth may result in oral water coming while sleeping. What causes excessive secretion of saliva can be used medicines. You can consult your doctor to learn this.
If you do not have a medicine you use, it may be the result of a neurological disorder. In this case, it is essential to get support from a doctor.
Sali flowing effect while sleeping while sleeping oral water flow can also be related to the internal parasites called hairworm.
The fact that the water flowing from the mouth is yellow, the fragrant is a sign that it is caused by stomach discomfort. In reflux and similar diseases, saliva flow in night sleep is known as a common complaint. Sleeping in the mouth while sleeping in children is as common as adults or even more common. The above reasons may also apply to children. However, the source of the problem in children can often be caused by the hospitalization position. This is common in children whose muscles are less developed than adults, while lying on the side of the back or not on the face.

Which doctor can go to the mouth of the mouth while sleeping? The first specialist you will consult with this issue should be an otorhinolaryngology specialist or internal medicine specialist. The otorhinolaryngology doctor will refer you to another section if he deems appropriate.
How does saliva flow from the mouth go through sleep? In addition, using a comfortable and high pillow can be a simple solution to the problem of water flowing from the mouth while sleeping in adults.
Making changes in your hospitalization position can also help you.
There are also apparatus produced to eliminate this problem. There are also herbal solutions to saliva flow while sleeping.
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