We will talk about the benefits of hawthorn leaves and who should not use it. How to use it, is it brewed as tea, we will take a look!
Hawthorn tree, Aegean and Mediterranean climate, is a wild, scrub tree that grows spontaneously in hot regions. Both the fruit, leaves and flowers of this wild plant are used.
The fruit is fresh, the mouth slightly here, sweet sour flavor, hawthorn fruit can be yellow or red. The yellow color is more common in the Aegean Region. Yellow hawthorn benefits are also more intense.
What are the benefits of hawthorn leaves? Supports cardiovascular health.
Anti -inflammatory, accumulated inflammation in the body. It is diuretic.
Strengthens memory.
Edema is a thrower.
It has a muscle relaxant effect, relaxing, spasm reducing.
The hawthorn leaf has no addiction effect, it is not sleeping. It does not have toxic effects in the body. With these features, it is suitable for daily use without overdoing. Hawthorn leaf is usually brewed as tea and consumed in that way. You can also prepare hawthorn tea, leaf flowers mixed.

Preparation of hawthorn tea for hawthorn tea 1 teaspoon of hawthorn is enough. Leaves into hot water and flowers are discarded if desired. Wait for 5 minutes to infuse.
2 tea cups can be drunk on a daily basis.
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Hawthorn leaf damage has a constipated effect of hawthorn leaves. Because of this feature, the use of people who are already suffering from constipation is not recommended.
Since there is not enough research on hawthorn use of pregnant and breastfeeding women, it is not recommended to use hawthorn in these processes.

Does the hawthorn weaken the leaf? It has metabolic accelerator and edema shooting effect. If it is desired to benefit from the weakening effect at a high level, the flowers, fruits and leaf parts of the plant are often used together. It is brewed together and consumed as warm tea.
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What does hawthness vinegar do? Of course, vinegar of this special plant is made. Fruits are used for vinegar. Fruits must be fresh. The hawthorn vinegar you will prepare at home is very valuable.
The use of hawthorn vinegar is very diverse. This vinegar can be used even in skin care. Especially in regional itching and rashes, external use is common and effective.
It is known that a few drops of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning are used. Hawthorn vinegar is known for its cholesterol lowering effect. It also has the effect of increasing sexual strength and desire.
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