Coleslaw is a sweet, delicious salad prepared with raw sliced ​​cabbage and sometimes carrots.
The first place where this classic sauce appears is the Netherlands. It is known almost all over the world, served as accompanying in some chain restaurants.
It is often consumed next to meals or by involving fastfood foods such as hamburgers.
In addition to raw cabbage, tariff onions, carrots, celery, purple cabbage, cheese and apple can be added.
The foundation is used to connect the sauce prepared with these healthy vegetables and fruits. Mustard can also be added on request.
Coleslaw nutritional value for a portion of 100 g (about 2 tablespoons):
173 calories
0.8G protein
1.2G fiber
16.3G oil
296 mg sodium
153 grams of vitamin A
4 mg vitamin E
156 mg potassium
36 mg calcium
It contains 21mg phosphorus.
Is Coleslaw healthy? These values ​​may vary according to the amount of mayonnaise contained in the salad.
One portion of raw cabbage salad can meet one quarter of the daily vitamin A need.
Instead of ready -made salads, the feeding of the salad you will make at home will of course be higher.
Excessive salt, oil and hence high calorie problems in ready -made products are very likely to be encountered.
Grilled fish, meat or other main dishes, as well as raw cabbage salad will be extremely suitable for a healthy diet.
If you want to reduce the calorie of your salad even further, you can change the mayonnaise with strained yogurt. Or you can remove the sugar from the wet. You can add healthy spices such as mustard, fennel seed or turmeric.

Classic Coleslaw Recipe Ingredients
1 small size fresh white cabbage
2 medium -sized carrots
half purple cabbage (optional) 1 teaspoon of powdered sugar
2 tablespoons of homemade apple cider vinegar
1 tablespoon of mustard sauce
150 g mayonnaise
Half -red apple
Preparation of
Wash the cabbage beautifully and dry finely.
Peel and grate the carrots.
Prepare the apples for your salad in thin slices.
Rub the carrots and cabbage with salt. Then add the sugar, vinegar and apples to the mixture and mix well.
Let the sauce work into the vegetables by resting this mixture a little. It is enough to rest for 20 minutes.
Finally, add your mustard sauce and mayonnaise to your salad and mix.
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