Sinematic paste is often prepared on honey -based. The most basic material is cassia and raw calf, but a wide range of natural plants are also included in the paste.
Support is preferred among the plants that enhance the effects of plants, intestinal regulatory and stomach relaxing plants.
Sinema paste offers a good alternative to the cinematic tea. Boiling the plant with boiling water while brewing tea causes serious healing and loss of benefit. For this reason, tea should be brewed with water that has not reached the boiling point.
The plant in the paste holds all its healing without exposure to any heat.
The fresh grinding of all plants while making paste is another important issue. If possible, the freshest and non -drug plants should be used.
[Button Link = “” Newwindow = “Yes”] What are the benefits of cinematic paste [/button] cinematic paste benefits? It is a plant that stands out with its intestinal regulatory and stomach relaxing effects. Especially for complaints such as constipation and not being able to go to the toilet, support is preferred as a product.
In addition:
Edema is a shooter. It helps to remove toxins in the body.
Cleans the intestines.
It helps to cope with the complaint of bloating. Relaxes the stomach.
It helps to lose weight.

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