What are the benefits of Paradise Hurmas Vinegar? How to make? Paradise palm is lightly bitter but dessert when we haven’t been processed yet. The source of bitterness is the shells of the fruit. For this reason, when the palm of paradise is dried, shells are peeled.
Paradise palm has a very different flavor than its freshness. The first form of evaluating this orange chubby fruit is to dry it.
Paradise date is a bit troublesome, a hand -distracted job. There are several small and important tricks. If you want to evaluate Trabzon dates by drying them in the season, “How to Dry Paradise Hurmas?” You can browse our article.
Although drying is the first method that comes to mind, it is not the only method to evaluate dates.
Founding vinegar is also a method that allows you to provide long -term benefit from paradise fruits.

What are the benefits of paradise palm vinegar? It is energizing, this vinegar is referred to as the elixir of youth.
Increases the amount and quality of breast milk.
It strengthens the immune system, cancer is fighter.
Paradise palm vinegar is also thought to facilitate birth. Studies on the supportive effect of vaginal muscles are continuing.
Provides support for appetite control and supports the do burning. Frequently used in diet lists.
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How to use Trabzon palm vinegar? Trabzon palm vinegar can be consumed in the morning by dripping 1 teaspoon of warm water to the hungry stomach. It will also help you hungry during the day and balance sugar.

How to make Paradise Hurmas Vinegar? It is simple to make the vinegar of the fruit of paradise, it can be easily prepared like the vinegar of other fruits.
Preparation of
1 kilo dates are cleaned beautifully, the stems are extracted and made as small as possible with their shells and placed in a pre -sterilized large glass jar.
A pinch of rock salt and a tablespoon of raw honey or granulated sugar are added.

Date is essential to put additional sugar because there is no very high sugar ratio.
It can also be added from the mother of another vinegar. It does not have to be a yeast of the Paradise Hurmas Vinegar.
Additional Mayan helps to be ready for more quickly and safely, but you can also prepare your vinegar without it. Finally, close the mouth of your sirken with a thin cheesecloth and rest for 10 days. During this time, do not forget to mix vinegar every day. Continue this procedure to the lower part of the water to the lower water.
After all the dates collapse, end the mixing process and rest, strain and bottle your vinegar for more than 1 month.
Make sure that your palm vinegar is kept in a direct place that does not take the sun during all processes.
Bon appetit.
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