Cumin coriander fennel tea; It is a recipe that you can easily prepare at home, supports weight loss, relaxes the stomach and supports digestion.
Reduces stomach bloating, prevents constipation, is also effective against nausea.
If you need a relaxing, healing tea, take a break from black tea and check out our recipe!
The taste of cumin coriander fennel tea will be quite dominant and flavored.
All three seeds we will use are known for their positive effects on human health separately.
When they come together, these positive effects continue to endure!
The cumin coriander and fennel combination has a strong soothing effect.
Suitable for consumption in the morning or evening. It facilitates the transition to sleep in the evening and contributes positively to mind functions when consumed in the morning and supports focus.
This mixture, which is also suitable for the consumption of pregnant mothers, has an enhancing effect on the amount and quality of breast milk.

Balances blood sugar,
Provides support for digestion,
It supports breathing and allows you to breathe more easily,
Bad cholesterol has a lowering effect,
It has rich content in iron and manganese.
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It is expectorant,
Gas reliever and bloating is preventive,
Improves the amount and quality of breast milk,
Colic babies have a relaxing effect.
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