Colloidal silver juice; It is a product that has recently made a name for itself with its immune strengthening effects against bacterial infections. Is Kolloidal Silver Water Effective? Is it safe? How should it be used? Can it be drunk? Are those who use colloidal silver juice satisfied? The answers to all questions are waiting for you in this article! According to some holistic medical experts, Kolloidal Silver, which is considered as a cure for each problem, consists of a fallacy according to some experts! Kollaidal silver juice, along with the increasing antibiotic resistance, has now started to be preferred in homes. It is known that it is preferred frequently in complaints such as oral wound and ear infection. What is Kolloidal Silver Water? Colloidal silver consists of nanoparticles that are too small to be visible. Colloidal silver is often considered safe for external use by experts. However, when you go to excess, the damages he can give to us and our environment are doubtful. The effectiveness is still a controversial issue. Scientists have proved that colloidal silver juice is successful in killing germs. However, they could not fully solve the working principle of silver juice. This lack of scientific evidence makes the use of silver juice in the eyes of scientists. What are the benefits of silver juice? It fights antibiotic -resistant bacteria, used in burning infections, is preferred for the skin rash and inflammation reducing effect, fights with fungal infection in the skin, has been found to be effective against cholera -like bacteria. Is Colloidal Silver Water Drink? Scientists are closely interested in colloidal silver. Many studies are carried out on the effectiveness of silver juice and side effects. However, the possible damage to our bodies still maintains its ambiguity. For this reason, it is not clear whether silver juice can be drunk. How to use colloidal silver juice? Although their effects on internal use are suspicious, experts find colloidal silver safe in external use. It is widely used by dropping into the mouthwash water in throat infections and dripping in ear infections. It is used directly by dropping 2-3 drops to the skin for complaints such as skin fungus, hair breaking and nail infections. It is an ideal product for first aid. Direct application can be performed in small cuts, flies bites, abrasions. It is also known to be used in acne -prone skin. Direct acne is applied. In gum inflammation, it is used by dropping 1-2 drops of mouthwater in oral wounds. ATTENTION! Be sure to take an expert opinion before using silver water. This article is not recommended, it is only for information purposes. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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