Chamomile tea is a relaxing and sleeping herbal tea with a slightly paste of lemon.
Chamomile tea recipe is easy to prepare tea. Add 1 teaspoon of dried chamomile into 1 cup of water that you will close just before reaching the boiling point. Wait for 3-4 minutes and strain the flowers. Here is your chamomile tea even ready!

What are the benefits of chamomile tea? So what are the benefits of herbal tea that is easy to prepare?
Chamomile helps digestion and transition to sleep.
According to the studies, it may have an effect that reduces the risk of developing heart diseases and various types of cancer thanks to the high rate of antioxidants it contains.
Miziming menstrual pain.
It mitigates the symptoms of colds.
It mitigates vineyard pain.
It is relaxing, sleeping.

Is the daisy drink before going to bed? Daisy tea contains caffeine. Therefore, sleep is not open. On the contrary, it contains compounds that make it easier to go to sleep. There is no harm in drinking before going to bed.

Is chamomile tea good for cough? Chamomile may be a good herbal tea in soothing colds and flu symptoms. Softens the throat, relieves cough.
Adding some honey and lemon into tea is increasing the effect.
It is also relieved to prepare a steam bath with chamomile tea in sinusitis complaints.
It can be brewed together with other plants such as linden or sage.
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The benefits of chamomile rosemary tea are especially effective in getting rid of complaints such as cough and sputum.
It can be included in this mixture with other plants such as linden or sage.
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What are the damages of chamomile tea? If you have any discomfort or regular medication, be sure to consult your doctor before consuming chamomile tea.
The most common complaint in excessive consumption of chamomile tea is vomiting.
In addition, allergic reaction, skin allergic reaction, irritation can be seen.

The benefits of Melisa and chamomile tea are a good duo together.
Especially for sleep disorder, Melisa and chamomile can be brewed together and consumed in the evening.

Which chamomile is made of chamomile? Not all chamomile consumption. Some species trigger stomach disorders, while others can cause serious poisoning.
Long -term use of species that are not suitable for consumption exhausts the liver.
The most suitable chamomile species for brewing as tea is medical daisy.
The Latin name of this species is known as Matricaria Recutita.
Medical daisy, which is a very common species, is also referred to as May daisy or ordinary daisy because it blooms at the beginning of May.
The English name of the genre is known as Chamomile.
Most of the time, it is difficult to distinguish daisies species. For this reason, the consumption of daisies collected from unconsciously open lands is not recommended.
The most prominent method of distinguishing medical daisies from others is to throw a cut into the middle belly of the flower. It will be seen that the middle part of the medical daisy is completely empty.
This is not seen in other daisies and is distinguishing for medical chamomile.
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