Spindle seed powder; It is a natural powder used for a wide variety of purposes from bone resorption to height prolongation in children.
It is very rich in vitamin C and calcium.
In short, it is also known as spindle powder. However, only the core part of the fruit is generally used in the construction of dust. In addition, meat parts are not used.
Scientific research on the spindle seeds is still inadequate. The data showing that the purpose of use gives positive results are very small. However, user reviews are positive.
What does spindle powder do? Core powder is used for a wide variety of purposes.

Does the spindle kernel extend dust height? It is used as a supportive in small children. Although this herbal powder, which is known to have a positive effect on joints and cartilages, extends the height, the positive comments of the people who use it are the majority.
Reduces the risk of diabetes with its omega 7 content.
Libido and sexual power enhancer and are used as force paste for men. Mixed with honey for paste making.
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Spindle powder bone resorption is preferred for bone resorption and rheumatism pain. In addition, it supports the healing of bone fractures faster.

Spindle seed powder rheumatism arteritis has several studies showing that it can produce effective results for rheumatoid and rheumatism. In other words, the positive effect on this subject is supported with scientific data.
Supports cartilage production.
It is also known that it is used together with milk. Milk and spindle powder mixture is generally preferred to get rid of back, waist and joint pain.
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How to make spindle seed powder at home?
How is the spindle seeds powdered? The seeds are quite set. It is quite difficult to break in household robots. It is wise to supply the core powder prepared by grinding in high -speed machines or mills.

How to consume spindle powder? The taste of the dust is not bad. It can be used by adding salads, yogurt or adding little by little to fruit juice. Paste can be prepared by mixing with honey or molasses.
It is also common to use by mixing into milk.
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How to mix the spindle powder milk? 1 cup of warm or hot milk 1 teaspoon of spoon powder is added to the mixture is prepared. Honey can be added to the mixture to sweeten.
It is usually consumed in the morning in the morning. Children can also consume the mixture.
This mixture, which is drunk on an empty stomach, can also relax the stomach. Helps digestion.
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Spindle seed powder may trigger constipation in some people. For this reason, constipation is usually used by people with wheat bran and ruuseym together. This effect of dandruff can balancing this effect.
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