Shepherd’s bag is a kind of healing plant that grows spontaneously in open lands. It is generally harvested in the early days of spring.
The use of this wild plant, which is common in Asian cuisine, is mostly caused by its positive effects on health.
The Latin name of the shepherd bag: Capsella Bursa-Pastoris
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It is usually consumed by brewing as herbal tea. Suitable for brewing fresh or dried.
It was named as a shepherd because it is growing in a small heart or bag and grows in the countryside.
It is quite tall compared to other rural plants and has small white flowers.
Does the shepherd bag stop bleeding? Research on the use of the shepherd bag to treat excessive bleeding gives positive results. It can be effective especially in postpartum bleeding and reducing intense bleeding due to menstrual period.

How many days does the shepherd bag cuts? According to the researches, painful and intensive menstrual bleeding may decrease by 50 %and are cut in 5 days. Of course, these periods are not certain and vary from person to person.

Shepherd’s bag cure Shepherd’s bag can be used as cure in fibroids complaints and good results can be obtained. Get an expert opinion for the correct dosage in the cure application.

How to use shepherd bags for hemorrhoids? It is known that the plant is consumed by brewing tea in hemorrhoids complaints. Only 1 cup of shepherd bag tea is drunk on a daily basis.
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How to make Shepherd Bag Tea? Put the dried shepherd bag up to 3 or 4 teaspoons in a tea cup and add boiling water. Wait for brewing for 3-4 minutes. The more the time extends, the more flavored your tea will be. Consume warmly. Consumption more than 2 cups on a daily basis is not recommended by experts.
Enjoy your meal.

The damages of the shepherd’s bag have no evidence of serious side effects associated with the use of this plant for most people, the shepherd bag is often considered safe.
In addition, experts recommend that people with kidney stones and sand history in the kidney should be careful when using shepherd’s bag grass and get the expert opinion before.
Shepherds should never use pregnant women. Because plant can cause contractions or menstruation. This can be a low trigger.

Can mothers breastfeeding the shepherd bag? Scientific research on plant is not sufficient. In order to avoid possible risks, the use of breastfeeding mothers is not recommended.
This article is not recommended. It is only to give information. Consult your doctor before you start using all herbal products.
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