Is it the same thing as a tangle fennel? Let’s start by finding the answer to the question!
Tangle; Fennel is the same grass called Malatura or the name of the row. It is that the plant emphasized when it is mentioned when it is mentioned, it is not agriculture and it grows spontaneously in nature.
It grows spontaneously in nature in the Aegean and Mediterranean geography. The tangle, which has an important place in Aegean cuisine, is often preferred with its pleasant smell and noticeable aroma.
Although it is very similar to the dill in the image, the tangle is a much more dense flavored plant than the dill.
All year long, the leaf parts of the fennel you can see in the mountainous terrain are edible.
The leaf parts of the tangle grass are very good with lamb meat. Arabic hair with lamb meat is prepared with potatoes and plenty of lemon.
Aegean -style herbal pastry and traditional shaking mortar is a sine qua non. The tangle weed pastry is not common, the plant is often not used alone in meals. The reason for this is a very intense aroma.
Adds a fresh aroma to salads, and often finds a place in Ege breakfast.
The construction of the tangle can be in various ways. It can be used fresh or dried.
The scent is also known in the Greek cuisine. Cretans remember the row with the name of Marata.

What are the benefits of tangle grass? It is known for its relaxing effect. It makes it easier to go to sleep and provides support to cope with sleep problems.
A glass of Arab hair tea you will drink after meals relieves indigestion. It takes bloating.
Edema is a thrower.
Blood -making, can be preferred by anemic people.
Age -related visual loss slows down your speed. Provides support for retinal and corneal structure.
He cuts cough. Softens the throat.

Is it used in the process of pregnancy? It is one of the grasses that can be used in pregnancy and breastfeeding process. It has the effect of increasing the amount and quality of breast milk.

How many calories? It is a very low plant with tangle calories. 150 g of tangle is around 30 calories.
Cooked, greased, and a tangle’s calories are around 150 calories for 100 grams.
It is a plant that is very suitable for adding row grass to diet lists with low calories. The fennel that increases the edema, the intestinal mobility will provide support for weight loss.
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