How are pets protected in forest fires?
The more difficult and laborious it is to extinguish a forest fire, the easier it is to start.
Just a butt thrown out of the car glass, an unpretentious barbecue fire, glass bottles thrown into the middle of nature…
Regardless of the reason, the safety of ourselves, our family and of course our pets are primary importance when there are fires. Being fast in this process is vital.
Let’s take a look at what we can do to ensure the safety of our cats, dogs and all other pet friends during forest fires:
How are pets protected in forest fires? Follow
If you have not yet reached you, if there is a fire in the vicinity, stay on the process and stay on the trigger. Be aware of possible evacuation decisions and don’t be late to leave the region.
Leave the backup key of your home to a reliable neighbor against a fire that can happen at a time when you are not at home.
In case of a possible fire, the contract that you will ensure the evacuation of your pet.
It will be even more healthy and safe for your neighbor to have pets like you and leave a key to you for the same purpose and to make this agreement mutual.
Fire extinguishing
Make sure that you have a fire extinguisher and garden hose in your home against the situation of a possible fire to reach your home and its surroundings.
Emergency bag
Prepare a small emergency bag with the emergency needs of your pet and store this bag in a safe place in your home or car.
There should be some food, water and medications that your animal uses regularly in the bag and other important things in the bag.
First-aid kit
You may want to reorganize your emergency bag by considering your pet.
Eye washing water, burn ointment, antiseptic handkerchiefs and pet socks are the most necessary materials for it.
Apply a forest fire scenario with your pet friends. Design exactly how to move from a possible disaster moment.
First aid training
If possible, be included in a first aid or disaster intervention training. This will help you help both people around you and our pet friends better.
Pets Insurance
You may also consider pet insurance against a possible risk of fire. The insurance will facilitate the necessary medical care of your friend who is adversely affected by the fire.

How to protect pets at the time of fire? In the event of fire…
If the evacuation order is given, determine your escape from a route where the fire does not reach as quickly as possible from the fire.
Wear long -sleeved shirts and pants. Do not wear open shoes, slippers or sandals.
Stay as calm as possible because your pets will sense your mood. Feeling that you are uneasy makes them even more tense. This tension makes the evacuation difficult.
Please know
When you leave the area safely, tell your family or friends.
This prevents you and your animals from being included in the wrong loss of loss.
Observe your pet before, during and after the evacuation.
The winds deliver the smoke, ash and firearms from forest fires to your home.
Smoke can irritate the pets of the pet. It can cause your eyes to cut, swelling or flushing.
The breathing smoke can cause your pet coughing, wheezing breathing, nasal discharge and shortness of breath.
There is a risk of thermal burns in their furs, skin and respiratory tract due to the embers falling to the ground during the fire. Frequently clean the paws and furs.
In case of possible risk, limit your pet’s access to the outdoor space. nler-yapiziz/ you can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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