Foods containing gluten but thought to be gluten -free
Today, many people continue a gluten -free diet, especially due to celiac disease. However, some foods have a hidden gluten content and cause gluten to enter our bodies even though we do not want. This may have particularly unwanted serious consequences for celiac patients.
Let’s take a look at these foods with secret gluten content!
We are all familiar to foods that are clearly the source of gluten. When we say gluten -containing foods, we immediately think of cereals such as wheat, rye and barley. What about hidden gluten sources? Foods containing hidden gluten soup
Almost all soups, including vegetable soups you will drink outside, contain additional flour. The reason for the use of flour in soups is to give the soup the desired consistency.
If you are going to drink soup outside, you may think that all soups contain flour unless it is clearly labeled as “gluten -free”.
Again, almost all of the ground beef -based products, such as soup, contain gluten. In order to increase consistency with bread, starch, wheat flour, it finds its place in traditional dishes such as meatballs, Adana kebab and Urfa kebab.
If you eat outside and want to consume meat, you should use your preference for part of meat. But remember, if it is served with various sauces such as soy sauce and cream mushroom sauce in pieces of meat, this sauce will probably have gluten content.
Potato fries or vegetables that you will consume as a snack or served as well as your dinner may also include gluten directly or indirectly.
Potatoes and vegetables may be clouded into the flour to be further crispy, or after flouring, fried chicken products may be fried in the same pan and crossed. Foods infected with cross -contamination, essentially gluten -free foods are also perceived as gluten in the body.
Food Supplements & Vitamins & Drugs
Many different types of capsule product has gluten content. Although some companies begin to launch gluten -free products that are sensitive to gluten sensitivity, gluten is widely used for most pharmacological products.
Not only foods but also cosmetic products include gluten!
In addition to food, the cosmetic products you use can cause you to get gluten unintentionally on your body.
Lip balm and lipstick; Body creams, body lotions and gluten in various other cosmetic products are used.
They may contain cosmetic products gluten, especially unless the product label is specifically “gluten -free”. If we feed gluten -free, we need to make careful choices in cosmetics especially against lip balm and lipsticks.
Is there any gluten in oats? Oats do not contain gluten, you can include oats and oats that you are sure to have undergone cross -contamination, even if you have gluten sensitivity. Do you have gluten in rice? Rice and rice flour naturally do not contain gluten. However, rice is often packaged in factories on the same band as other wheat products and is common to contaminate. The text “work contains a amount of wheat” on the package indicates that the product contains gluten. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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