What are the benefits of sycamore leaves? Plane tree; It is a durable, magnificent, ancient tree that can adapt to almost every climate type. It is frequently emphasized by experts that the leaves of this tree have many positive effects on human health.
The most common use is the ability to relieve calcification, edema and pain in the joints. Calcification and edema in the knee is a common complaint.
It can also be preferred for many different reasons.
It is effective in tooth and gum disorders. It is used as a mouthwash after brewing and cooling against gum extraction and gum bleeding.
It is a cup of edema from the body, especially after the meals, a cup of plane tree tea relieves the stomach and the whole body. Hazma helps.
It is also known that it is effective against gout and is applied as a curing.
It is relaxing for women in menopause.
It is also used for skin and hair care. It is effective against itching and dense bran in the bottom of the hair. On the skin, tone is equalizing, non -passing wound is effective in acne scars.
How to use sycamore leaves? It can be used by brewing tea or external as a mouthwash, such as face washing tonic.
For hair, the last rinse in the bathroom can be observed by making the plainds with sycamore juice.
In joint pain, especially in knee pain, it can also be used by wrapping into the painful area after boiling. Does plane tree weaken the tea?
It provides support to weakening because of edema shooter effect, but it should not be considered as a weakening tea alone.

When is the plane sheets collected? In order to get the highest yield from the plane tree leaf, the leaves should be waited when they mature and start to dry. This time is in the autumn in November September. Early, the desired efficiency may not be obtained from blind leaves.

Is the sycamore leaf hungry or full? Sycamore, if used against calcification, knee pain is used on an empty stomach.
If it is used for indigestion, it is preferred on a full stomach.
In other words, the answer to this question changes according to the purpose of the plane shop.
Sycamore cure against calcification
Sycamore cure against calcification is also applied twice a day on an empty stomach.
It is consumed by brewing freshly.
Sycamore leaves should be boiled for just 1 minute, this time should not be kept longer.
Those who apply sycamore leaf cure often get positive results. For whatever purpose, the interpretations using plane tree leaf are not negative, regular use is important.
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