Primrosis oil; It is obtained from the seed parts of a yellow plant grown in various parts of the world.
It is also known as a fruit flower. However, the oil is obtained from seed parts, not from the flower parts of the plant.
There are sub -species of the species, which we will talk about in our writing “Evening Strip Flower Oil” or “Night Night Blue Flower Oil” is the “Evening Primrose Oil”. This type is also used in capsules and oils suitable for internal use. Latin name: Oenothera Biennis can be used for a wide range of complaints from hemorrhoids to tooth decay, digestive complaints, sore throat and cough.
This oil can be used internally and externally by applying it to the skin. Capsule -shaped reinforcement foods prepared with primrosis oil are also available. These capsules are widely used when buying oil by mouth.
The secret of the healing effects of primrose oil is directly linked to the gamma-linolenic acid contained by the plant. Gama-linolenic acid is also known as GLA and is an omega-6 fatty acid in herbal-based oils.
It is rich in essential oils that the body cannot produce on its own.
What is the benefit of primrosis oil? Night bends have eczema eczema.
Provides extra moisture and flexibility to the skin.
It can help get rid of acne.
It can alleviate complaints due to inflammation on the skin.
In internal use, pre -menstrual complaints (such as irritability, bloating, chest pain) can alleviate.
Menopause due to complaints (such as hot flashes) can alleviate.
Supports heart and bone health.
It has positive effects on blood pressure.
This oil is also used by pregnant women in the world.

What are the effects of primrose oil during pregnancy? Many women waiting for a baby can use primrose oil capsules as a natural way to accelerate birth and promote birth in post -period pregnancies.
In addition, primrosa oil is linked to advanced insulin sensitivity. Therefore, some mothers use this oil supplements to increase insulin sensitivity and manage gestational diabetes.

Is primrose oil safe in pregnancy? According to various sources, the use of primroze flower oil is safe in pregnancy. However, scientific evidence on this issue is still inadequate.
Therefore, pregnant women should definitely not start using this oil without consulting a physician.

What are the losses of primrose oil? The use of oil in short -term and recommended doses by experts is considered safe for most people. However, the side effects of the oil due to indefinite and high amounts of oil are not known.
Rare side effects can be listed as follows:
Stomach ache
Allergic reactions due to procurement of primrosis can be listed as follows:
Rash on the skin
Shortness of breath and wheezing nler/
How to use primrosis oil? Primrosis oil capsule is usually used as a capsule for internal use, unlike other oils.
Capsules are usually taken as short -term. The duration and quantity of use vary from person to person. It is wise to receive support from a specialist from determining this amount and time. The complaints of the person are decisive in this regard.
In skin complaints such as acne and eczema, oil is used both internal and applied to the skin externally.
It is generally recommended to consult an expert opinion especially in internal uses and to start using oil with the lowest possible doses. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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