Liquid substance, known as iron water or steel juice, is often frequently encountered as an alternative healing method.
However, the use of steel juice even by Lokman Hekim and Ibn Sina is a natural substance that dates back to ancient times.
[Button Link = “ Steel juice is prepared by cooling the angry iron in boilers and giving her healing to the water. Colorful blurred white – cream color. It is almost odorless.

What are the benefits of iron water?
Iron water to iron deficiency
Buy steel water Consumption can be inconvenient as possible side effects are not known.
There is no scientific illuminating study of this water. Therefore, negative effects and damages on the body are not known.
It is absolutely necessary to be cautious in its use. Pregnant and lactating women, children, chronic patients and people who use medication are recommended not to consume.
Steel juice also appears in the prescriptions written by Ibni Sina to patients.
According to Lokman Hekim, steel juice is one of the most valuable and effective substances known. So much so that even if it is brought together, even if it is brought together, it will not be able to reach the healing of steel juice.

How to make steel juice? It is very important that the iron to be used is clean and rusty. For the steel juice to be prepared once a year, a handful of iron pieces of iron will be sufficient.
This iron fire is thoroughly angry on the process. The piece of iron, which starts to change color by angry, is cooled in a large pot in a large pot.
This annoying and cooling process is repeated at least 5 more than 10 times and the steel juice is prepared.
The prepared water is stored in the glass jar and in the refrigerator.
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