Tagin, tagine or tajine; It is a traditional Moroccan cooking container made of round -sized and low -edged, ceramic or unpleasant clay.
During cooking, a cone -shaped lid is placed on the base.
This conical lid imprisones the vapor and gives the liquid back to the earth pot, provides a concentrated flavored, unidentified plate.
Tajine is also the name given to the traditional dish cooked in these containers.
It is unique to North African countries, especially Morocco.
This can be made with traditional taste meat, chicken or fish. To the food cooked slowly in the soil container; Aromatic spices, vegetables, dry fruits and nuts are accompanied.
https://egepazarindan.com/haissa-sos-nasil-yapilir-icir- nler-var/ tajin pot (casserole) how to use? How to make dinner? Many steps are followed when using this soil container. The container is first spice, ready for use. Then a lower layer is formed with vegetables.
In this vegetable layer, celery, onion, carrot, garlic are used. This layer prevents meat from sticking to the moth.
Olive oil is added on the vegetables.
After the addition of olive oil, the main course is included in the container of meat, chicken or fish ceramic.
On the sides of the main materials, plenty of vegetables are arranged again. Dry fruit is also used.
After placing meat, chicken or fish, it comes to the taste step.
In a classic tagine, plenty of aromatic spices are used in tagine spices.
Cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, powder coriander, powder cumin, powder red pepper, coconut, black pepper, powder ginger and turmeric are the most commonly used spices.
After the spices, a decoration is made with eaten materials to give a stylish look to the food.
Olives, lemon strips, parsley, fresh coriander and thyme can be used to decorate the food.
After this step, the water of the food is given by giving the water. Normal water can be used or chicken broth can be preferred to cook the food.
Cooking should never be made at high temperature. This may cause the container to crack.
All cooking is low and maintained at medium low temperature.
Fish and chicken meat is shorter; It is considered that the veal and lamb meat are cooked in a shorter time than them.
At least 2 hours of the tag is cooked without opening, if the water is close to end at the end of the time, some water is added and cooked a little more.
When the meal is ready, it is expected to cool down and rest for 15 minutes. It is then served.
The TAJIN KAP is also used as a presentation plate. So the cooking is served in the container.
Usually eaten with Moroccan bread or couscous.
Enjoy your meal.
What is Tajin Spice? Contrary to the Tajine spices estimates, the contents are a mixture of spices unique to Mexico, not North Africa. Red pepper and lemon form 2 basic elements of this spice mixture. This duo is usually accompanied by sea salt. In general, sour tastes are ideal for lovers. This mixture spices; It is seen in Mexico in harmony with almost everything. Add to fresh fruits and vegetables. It is used in chicken, fish, shrimp and steak marination. It is also very common to use in cocktail making. https://egepazarindan.com/kola-findigi-Nedi-kola-nut-faydalari- nler/ You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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